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Independence Day Trip Part Two

Yesterday I shared our Independence Day Towanda Flea Market. Today is about our Independence Day Trip part two.

We left the Flea Market about 3 p.m. and headed East to the Greenhouse Bed and Breakfast. Heading East (toward IN) we came across some wonderful farmlands..

Illinois Farmland

We got back on to I-55 and got off in Pontiac, IL.  I don’t think I’ve seen so  many beautiful farmhouse as there are in Pontiac!

Pontiac, IL Farmhouse


Pontiac, IL Farmhouse


Pontiac, IL Farmhouse


Pontiac, IL Farmhouse


Pontiac, IL Farmhous


Pontiac, IL Farmhouse

and inviting.

We drove a little over and hour until we spotted this…

Greenhouse Bed and Breakfast

As soon as we seen the green farmhouse we knew we made it!

The Greenhouse Bed and Breakfast offers a peaceful, eco-friendly oasis in the heart of north-eastern Illinois farm country. A 1900’s vintage farmhouse on three-acre farmstead. They pride themselves on their organic, permaculture-based gardens and orchard.

Greenhouse B&B Yellow Bedroom

We got there about 4 and we had a charming yellow room.

Guia and  Mark (owners) invited us to a 4th of July dinner and talent show at a community dinner in Stelle.  Stelle is a community with a strong culture of cooperative living and sustainable lifestyles.  It offers a simpler lifestyle and a safe, family-oriented environment. There are only  47 homes in Stelle.

We enjoyed dinner and the talent show.  But honestly, I thought it was a little weird?

The next morning we woke up to a fabulous breakfast and a good conversation.  After breakfast we headed outside to check out the beautiful grounds.


The pond area is so pretty, and I made a new friends all around the grounds…


My first friend is Mr. Bullfrog….see him by the rock? Even though we never spoke we had a connection.


In the back of the grounds is an old barn where the chickens spend their time in the summer…


As soon as I started walking to the barn they all headed inside…

After a while they felt safer and headed outdoors..

Silky Chicken

this little guy stole my heart, I guess he’s a Silky chicken, and he has feathers on his feet too.  His character is as cute as he is!


This is the house the chickens stay during winter…


They stay in the back of the barn.

Then I ran across these guys…

New Guinea Foul

Their New Guinea (foul) from Africa.  They sure are noisy friends.


And some very pretty cows.

On Saturday we headed into the town of Kempton.  There are only two things to do…

Adventures Unlimited Bookstore

one, visited this very unique bookstore….then walk right across the street to..

Tom's Tavern

Tom’s Tavern for some good food, a glass or two or wine.

Kempton is 550 people large, and if I lived here I would either be obese or a drunk, or both!

If you are looking for a great place to stay, for a very quiet stay, then Greenhouse B&B is for you!

We have a very nice independence dayweekend!



  1. says

    Lost my comment. This looks like a great place to stay and I would love seeing all the animals close up. The farmland is so pretty. I’d love to live in one of those charming homes in Pontiac…just get away from it all!

    Jane xx

  2. says

    I’m not familiar with the areas you mentioned at all, though I’ve heard of Pontiac. Looks like a lovely B&B. I would’ve enjoyed exploring all those grounds.

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