How To Make Laura Ashley Hearts

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I wanted to share with you a tutorial on How to make Laura Ashley Hearts.

How To Make A Laura Ashely Hearts

I found a very pretty Laura Ashley blouse at GW for $1.99…

Laura Ashley Blouse

After removing the buttons I flattened the blouse open.

Dollar Tree Heart Doily

I used a large doily from Dollar Tree for my pattern. For each heart you’ll need to cut out two pieces (one for front and back). The paisley side of the blouse will be used for the back side of the pillow.  I also kept a little of the ribbon at the bottom of the heart.

Laura Ashley Blouse

For the front side of the heart I positioned the heart template over the pretty rose pattern on the fabric. I also included some of  the “stitching” lines by the pink arrow to add texture.  The template crossed over the seam on the right side (by button holes).  Both provide added texture and interest.

Sewing a Heart Pillow

Placing “right” sides together stitch a 1/2″ seam around, LEAVING a 3″ opening.

Sewing a Laura Ashley Heart Pillow

After sewing turn the fabric right side out and press.  Above you can see the opening left to stuff the heart.

Laura Ashley Hearts

Stuff and hand stitch the seam closed.  On the back side of the pillow, by the arrow, you can see the ribbon trim that was left.

How To Make A Laura Ashley Hearts

I used the large template again to make another heart. You can see on the first photo the stitching toward the top left side of the fabric.  The blouse had a ribbon that went around the waist and I removed some of it to use on the back side of the heart.  I also change out the white ribbon to pink.

For this heart I placed “wrong” sides together, stitch and stuffed.

Laura Ashley Blouse

I used scalloped shears to trim away the access fabric from the seams. You could use pinking shears.

For the next pillow I used a smaller “medium” sized heart doily from the Dollar Tree.

Lace From Laura 'Ashely Blouse

If you look at the blouse photo above there was a scalloped “ribbon” that was used around the neckline and armholes.  Using a seam ripper removed the buttons and some lace from the neckline.

How To Make A Laura Ashely Heart

I pinned the lace to the right side of the heart and basted down.  Then I place right sides together and sewed again leaving an opening to stuff.


Once again turn in side out and stuff.


So quick and easy, and oozes romance!

Laura Ashley Hearts

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    You let your creativity shine, these are so cute. Love how you incorporated all the prettiness of the blouse into the hearts. Now you got me thinking…I just bought a Laura Ashley dress at a tag sale, unfortunately it was to small for my grand daughter…Hmmmm!

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