How I Made An Ann Taylor Lampshade

You know by now one of my most favorite things to do is go....junkin!  On one of my last outings I found a blouse I re-cycled in to a lampshade....and I wanted to share with you How I Made An Ann Taylor Lampshade!

How I Made An Ann Taylor Lampshade

I found this very pretty Ann Tayor Blouse (see my Laura Ashley Hearts made from a blouse?)

How  To Make A Laura Ashley Lampshade

the front side...

Laura Ashley Blouse Lampshade

the back side...

Ann Taylor Blouse

the blouse's edge is so pretty...and the reason why I bought it.  I thought about using the edging on a pillow?

Ann Taylor Blouse

the Ann Taylor blouse was originally $69.00, it was donated to GW, and I purchased it for $2.99.  It had never been worn!  I knew I couldn't wear it cause I'm no wear near a size 8!

I was sitting in my comfy chair...looking at the lamp across from me...

White Cottage Lamp

I've never really liked the plain lampshade and it's the reason I'm drawn to dressing it up.  The shade doesn't hold the charm the lamp does.  With Spring coming it  needed a new look.

I started wondering if the blouse would "slip" over the lampshade?  Naturally I got up and slid it over....

Ann Taylor Blouse Lampshade

and it fit perfectly!  It's nice to know that a perfect size 8 blouse fits someone in our home!

Ann Taylor Blouse Lampshade

I cut the blouse 1" above the lampshade...

Ann Taylor Blouse Lampshade

yes I know I need a manicure....after cutting I folded the 1" over and hot glued to the inside rim of shade.

Ann Taylor Blouse Lampshade

At the top (middle) I left one button.  I like to use up as much material from the blouse I can.

Ann Taylor Blouse Straps

The blouse had the prettiest lined straps...and I had to incorporate them in.

I cut each strap off...

Ann Taylor Blouse Straps

and finished one end of each by using my scalloped scissors. (that's hot glue on my thumb)

How To Make An Ann Taylor Blouse

Then I hot glued the other end to the top of the lamp base (you can not see the top even when sitting down).  I would of hot glued to the bottom of the lampshade but the straps weren't long enough.

Ann Taylor Strap Tie with Rhinestone Pin

I crisscrossed the ties to the back of the lamp and then in front, I added a vintage rhinestone pin. (soon I'll share my rhinestone collection)

How To Make An Ann Taylor Lampshade

I'm so please with how it turned out...

How To Make A Laura Ashley Blouse

and adding the linen sash with rhinestone pin makes me happy...

Laura Ashley Hearts

I added one of my Laura Ashley Hearts, some dried roses and a pretty little cloche (.99) I just found with tulip flowers inside...

How I made a Laura Ashley Blouse

Cute and pretty!  What ya think?

Savvy Southern Style



  1. First - what a beautiful blouse!

    Second - what a a beautiful transformation. I love that the blouse fit the lamp - like it was made for it. I have a feeling that the lampshade is one of those pieces that will make you smile each time you see it.

  2. What a very cute idea!!! Your rhinestone pin and sash make me happy too. Keep those good ideas coming.

  3. OK, this is seriously one of the prettiest and cleverest lamp re-dos I've ever seen!

  4. Absolutely adorable! You are so talented and clever to think about doing this! I made a lampshade from two embroidered pillow cases, but would never have thought about using a blouse! Fabulous!

    • I really bought the blouse to use the edging on the bottom for a pillow, and while sitting I thought I wonder if it would slip over, and it did! I'm so glad I tried it out!

  5. well, this is just adorable, really dresses it up. that lampshade was made for that blouse!!

  6. Cathy this is awesome! I have used my own clothes for crafting etc, but I never thought to shop for clothes to do them with!
    Silly me!

  7. Great idea and it turned out so very pretty! Have a Happy Spring!

  8. I think it's an awesome idea!

  9. melissa smith says:

    Oh how beautiful!! You're so talented. . The table is just beautiful. .love it!

  10. Marty Koons says:

    I love it! You've given me inspiration to start looking for clothes and fabrics to craft with!

  11. I am already looking at blouses from your heart post to repurpose, but never thought to consider what size my lamps are. So clever and creative! Ann Taylor would be proud.

  12. Mary Randolph says:

    I agree with everyone else - very clever. I have dyed a lamp shade and finished it off with decorative binding, but never thought of repurposing a blouse. Terrific job.

  13. Very pretty. I love it.

  14. I think it's adorable! Love the idea, and the perfect fit!!! Cute sash too. You did great with this!!

  15. Beautiful!

  16. Well how adorable is that?? I love it - what a beautiful blouse! The design lends itself to that project! So glad you enjoyed my bluebird photos. It's been such a treat having them visit!

  17. Cathy how cleaver are you? This is an absolutely adorable project. I love how it came out...just perfect!!!

  18. Clever, clever girl. I never would have thought of something like this!

  19. So cute and perfect for your pretty lamp. Even the little button adds to the charm!

  20. The shade is so pretty!!!

  21. I love the Ann Taylor label! Such cute cute stuff. Good to know I'm not the only one who hangs onto Ann Taylor clothes regardless if they fit or not. Love the lampshade makeover, so classy.

  22. Great use of the blouse. I used to work for Visiting from Nifty Thrifty Sun.

  23. This is so cute! I am in love with this lampshade redo!!!

  24. How creative, I LOVE this!

  25. That is the cutest lamp I have ever seen! I have been hunting ideas to remake a lampshade I have on my side porch. How great that you could literally slip the blouse over and glue down. Love the front sash with the pin. You are very clever! Visiting from Anything Blue Friday

  26. Love this idea.I love your 1929 charmer have seen you do but I just can't figure out how to do my home that way.I still love seeing yours.

  27. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    How very clever! And so pretty too!

  28. Your shade turned out so good! Thanx for sharing at THT.

  29. I am really into re-purposing clothing lately...this is SO cute!
    Great idea and such a pretty lamp now.

  30. You take the cake Cathy. :) I would never. ever. have thought to repurpose a lovely blouse in such a manner. You are so clever to look at clothing in a crafty way. I really need to take lessons from you. 😉 And what a deal too!

    Thanks for sharing your amazing makeover at Project Inspired!!

  31. GoRGeous!!

  32. Loved the lampshade and the way you even managed to repurpose the straps. Waste not want not! For a red and white shade this project was certainly "green!"

  33. Marilyn Z says:

    Charming!!! I would love to go junking with you. I have a houseful of amazing treasures, but could never match your talent.

    You are so creative and so much fun. You are my new inspiration. I bought a suede embroidered vest at the resale shop for $2 and I am going to turn it into a lampshade, too.


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