Hello Cutie – A Two Toned Looker!

Smiles Everyone,

Been a busy bee transforming the Charmer in to a cottage dream...

Actually I move more like a tortoise -  since retiring lost my drive. Slow and easy is more like it!

This is our current buffet!

Our last two buffets went bye bye - sold at my booth!

1929 Charmer

The last one, so loved her legs. But she was 70" long which wasn't a good fit for our space.

1929 Charmer

I found this buffet at a flea market for a great price of $65 ( this is in our dungeon) .

Really liked her "curved" bottom. She was painted all white but I'm a girl who likes dark stained tops.

1929 Charmer

Whoever painted her didn't do such a great job, so we started all over.

We transformed her by  completely stripping her down.  We used dark walnut stain on the top and front, and Old White on the trim and sides.

Our living area paint color is much lighter now so I didn't want her all white.

1929 Charmer

I'm glad we did the two toned look - used dark walnut stain on the top and front.

1929 Charmer

Ruffed her up a little bit!

1929 Charmer

I can't tell you how much I'm loving the cottage look.  Our Sugar wanted to be part of the picture (bottom left)

1929 Charmer

All decked out..the mirror was a steal for $18.

Loving the blue plates,  but not sure on the placement - kind of feels like they should extend all the way to the  top?

Or many I should remove the top two? What do you think?

The reflection you see in the mirror is above my fireplace and that's my next stop on the makeover.

1929 Charmer

All the pieces I used for the vignette were thrift/garage sale finds.

The old tool carrier was $8.00, rose plates $4 for 5, tea cup a whopping .50¢

Table runner I found at Shipshewana, an Amish  town in LaGrange County, IN.

1929 Charmer

Dried Hydrangea's from my garden last year, rose plate and cloche thrift store finds.

The lilac wreath was also a thrift store find.

She fits right in!!!!

1929 Charmer

The mirror's reflection shows the fireplace and front entry way.

1929 Charmer

I'm going to live with her for a while - do you know what's stashed out in the garage?

Yikes another buffet!  They just follow me home.



  1. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings says:

    Absolutely gorgeous buffets! I love the two-toned effect.

  2. What a beautiful job you did on your buffet. It looks so nice in your home... loved seeing all the photographs. Also liked your comment about slowing down now that you've retired... me too! Isn't it lovely!!!

  3. I just adore that two-toned effect! You were quite brave to try it out on such a great piece, and it WORKS!
    Did you strip the paint first, before the walnut stain?
    Thanks for stopping by my place--and yes, that's my sweet little ham. She's going to be the center of attention for awhile; she needs lots of TLC! :)
    I am a new follower, btw.
    joy to you,

  4. Simply gorgeous! and you've decorated it so beautifully. I'm your newest follower btw ?
    Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated

  5. Love love love it!

  6. Love the look of the wood and the paint on this buffet. the vignette makes it come alive. I like the blue plates as they are - they add a little movement away form the center. Came over from Overflowing.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

    • I do think the vignette makes it come alive, and love the blue plates. I did remove the two top outer ones thought it looked unbalanced.

  7. You did a great job refinishing this piece, and I think the dark wood is a nice contrast next to the walls. I love all the accessories. You asked about the plates. I would leave those alone. It would be more predictable to make an arch with the plates or go higher, but I think they look nice and a bit unexpected and eye catching the way they are now.

    • Well I must confess hubs did the great finish, but it was my vision and guidance that got him there (haha). Thanks for helping me with the plates appreciated it.

  8. It's lovely! I really like the two tone. It's so elegant looking.

  9. Very nicely done! I love your blue plate collection displayed on the green wall. Really makes them pop.

  10. Lovely. I have just recently started painting furniture. Have always done lots of decor. Love the buffet. As for the plates, I would remove the top 1 on left & top 1 on right. Might use them another place in the room.

    • Thanks for the advice, I did remove the top two before, it just didn't seem balanced. I've already used them. Just love plates. Good look with painting furniture, it can be fun with a lot of work attached!

  11. Lovely. I have just recently started painting furniture. Have always done lots of decor. Love the buffet. As for the plates, I would remove the top 1 on left & top 1 on right. Might use them another place in the room. I came from Youaretalkingtoomuch. My first visit to you.

  12. Beautiful, love your redo!!!

    Tanya :)

  13. I have two buffets myself I'll be posting soon. You stripped her! That is REALLy hard work. I'll do a lot of things, but after I stripped my daughter's Civil War era dresser down- from layers nad layers of shellac-- I don't know that I'll ever strip again. Good job!

    • Boy, two buffets? what are you going to do with two of them? It was miserable stripping the buffet down but she really needed to be! Can't wait to see how yours turned out!

  14. Your buffet turned out beautiful! I love the two toned look.


  15. Beautiful job! LOVE it!

  16. Gorgeous!! I just got my first buffet...loving this one!! And my vote...take off the top two plates.

  17. Wow, I just did the same thing to a buffet and am posting about it today! Your's looks wonderful in that space! ~ Maureen

  18. Tara@Tales of a Trophy WIfe says:


  19. She's beautiful, Cathy!! Featuring this at Monday's party. So happy you linked up. Enjoy your weekend!


  20. Hey there!
    I love your two toned piece! I too am working on a two toned piece...I'm waiting to finish it up but I have a post about my progress so far on my mid century credenza. I like your blue plates and I think adding more could become a real statement wall and be quite fun, however it might become busy with all of the items you have on the buffet currently.
    Overall, I'm pretty jealous of your fabulous buffet and what you've done with it! Beautiful!!!

    • I sure hope your two tones piece works out just as well. I'll check out your post to see what you are doing. Thanks for saying she's pretty!

  21. Very pretty! That's funny you have another one in the garage! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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