Drop cloth Heart

Hearts, Love and Roses….

Hearts, love and roses mean Valentine!  There’s definitely love at the Charmer and  I have dishes with roses on them to use in a vignette I am pulling together.    I decided to make a heart to include in the vignette.

Drop Cloth Heart

It is a very easy project (like those lately) and I pleased with how it turned out.

I cut a heart out of a left over piece of drop cloth, and placed a layer of natural cotton batting inside, next I and stitched about 1/2″ inside the out side line of the heart. Note: You’ll see the cotton batting which I like.

Drop cloth Heart

Next I took 2 1/2″ strips of red tickling, twisted the tickling and laid out in a heart shape.  The top part of the ticking heart I made in the shape of a knot, I slipped stitched it to the drop cloth. Very quick to do.

Drop Cloth Heart

I added a button later, so some pictures have it, some don’t.

Drop Cloth Heart

So what do you think?

I’m thinking pretty cute for such an easy project!

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    Yes ma’am, it’s the little touches like this that spice things up. I like that it adds some texture as well as brings the heart “to the table”. Your rose plates are fabulous as well. It’s all so sweet together.

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