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Happy Valentine’s!

It’s Valentine’s Day.

I’m looking forward to spending the day with Mr. Charmer and anticipating our Valentine’s dinner.

Valentinei Tablescape

I am lucky to have Mr. Charmer in my life after a very long wait.  I’m so looking forward to sitting down across from him, sipping wine, eating, and quietly sharing together in this special day!

I felt this poem expressed my feelings better than I could!

You Are

As we watch the sun go down,
I want to let you know;
my love for you is forever,
I’ll never let you go.
You’re the one I’ve been searching for,
the one I’ve finally found;
without you in my life,
my world wouldn’t go round.
The love you bring into my heart,
which is so true and kind;
is something in no other,
I could truly find.
You’re the only one for me,
God tells me so,
deep within my heart, mind body and soul.

Everything happens for a reason,
I believe this statement is true,
that’s why you were sent to me,
and I was sent to you.
I’ve never been more happy,
as I’ve been with you;
even through the rough times,
we always make it through;
To be with you for eternity,
is all I want for me and you.
Genny R. Tajalle

Laura Ashley Heart and Rose

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day.


  1. says

    I teased my husband that he had surgery yesterday just to avoid Valentine’s Day.

    I don’t cook so I will probably bring home sushi from our favorite spot.

    Happy Valentine’s Day

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