Drop Leaf Dining Room Table and Chairs…


We hubs finished the dining room window repairs last week.  The area rug was cleaned and the room is all dressed up for fall.  Isn't there's something missing?

Where's the furniture?  I've we've tried out a minimum of 7 different sets in here over the years.  The Charmer doesn't have a family room and our main living area is rectangular in shape.

Our dining room is really our living room - being an older home the Charmer's dining room is larger so we use it as our "family" room. Setting up a full dining set restricts our entertaining area and isn't versatile enough. So I've been on the outlook for a drop leaf table.

Last year I met Pat at a garage sale she was having.  Over the year we've become friends.  Pat is a hoarder no, one of the best pickers ever!  Her garage is full to the brim and you can hardly get in the door, but she has one of the prettiest cottage homes I've ever seen.  I've begged her to let me show her home on my blog, she's tickled, but always tells me she has to clear things out first.

Well let me tell you that ain't e.ver gonna happen!

Last week Pat called to tell me she had a gate leg drop leaf table she recently found, I headed right over.

 Pat sold the table to me for $35, when it was in her garage the color looked more mustard.  I''m not to sure about the color, I  know I'll at least sand/stain the top darker (love dark natural tops), but not till after the holidays.

I love the versatility the drop leaf table provides -  can be opened half way..

Or completely opened.  I also love the gate legs base on the table.

I like the fact that I can close her up and push up against the windows...

A few days later I was looking on Craig's list for chairs and found two parson chairs..

They were $10 each, very comfortable and have the cutest legs..

The legs have a cottage feel to them.  Even though the fabric doesn't work I plan on making slip covers that I'll start on this week.  The legs won't be tackled till after the holidays.

The hubs laughed when he seen I already decorated her up a bit.  What can I say!

My decorating style lends to angling furniture in a room, this angle let's me sit looking at the fireplace or looking out the windows!

Do you like my new old drop leaf table - I sure do!

Can't wait to see your creative inspiration this Sunday for the Sunday's Best #52 Par.tay!

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  1. Wow, Cathy, that seems like the perfect table for you for this room! The legs on the table seem to go really well with your buffet legs, too. Love the chairs, too. I think this is a great solution for this room.

    • It is turning out to be the perfect table, and love how flexible it is. I move it a lot, and like that the most. Flexibility is so needed in this room.

  2. Love it! The windows and the sprucing up in the room makes it look so pretty. Your decorating truly pulls me in and makes me feel so welcome. I think you made the perfect choice with your drop leaf table. I inherited a drop leaf table from my mom and it is a favorite of mine. I have used it in several different places in my home. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

    • So tickled you feel the warmth of the Charmer, and the drop leaf table is really working out well. It must be great having a drop leaf of your Mom's. That's one great thing about Drop Leaf Tables, so flexible!

  3. I like it a lot! The versatility of a drop leaf is perfect for that space.

  4. I love the table! It offers so many different options! I used to have one, and I sold it. I sure wish I had hung on to it now!!!
    Love the sunny room you have put it in. The parson chairs are cute too. I have two upholstered parsons chairs in my dining set, and love them!!!

    • Don't ya hate when you think you no longer want something and let it go, only to find out you really wanted it. The room is sunny and lets in so much light!

  5. I love the table and I love all the pretty displays too!

  6. Perfect!! The table and chairs are just right for the room!

  7. I Play Outside The Box says:

    What a wonderful table.....wish I had a Pat in my life. She gave you a GREAT deal on that beautiful table. It looks wonderful in your area....the chairs you found blend in so well too. Love how you angled it too!

  8. That is the perfect table and chairs for your room!! Awesome! and I really like the angled postion for your room too - you will have so much fun with that set!

  9. That is a darling table! I can't wait to see the chairs after you recover them. I don't know if you saw my comment on your last blog post, but we live close to each other! I hope that you will hop on over to my blog and pay me a visit. :-)

    • I wish we did live closer, I'm out southwest a bit. Been working on the dining room curtains and won't be getting to chair covers till next week. I did stop by your blog and left a few comments.

  10. Do you have any idea how fortunate you are to be able to find such a great drop leaf, gate leg table in wonderful condition? I am so green with envy, it's sinful. That table will be so versatile, you'll wonder how you lived without it. And then to get it for $35.00? Oh boy, can I have it when you're done?
    The chairs are great with those sexy legs. Will look forward to seeing the slip covers you make for them. Actually the yellow on the table goes well with what you have the room.

    • I know I'm lucky, why is it called gate leg? didn't know that! It is a very versatile table. Now I think the color is going well, not really yellow kinda of mustardy!

  11. I love it ! Drop leafs are attractive and versatile ...great solutions for alot of situations yet I don't see them too often..
    I have one tucked away in the corner of my living room, using it as a sort of end table...but that is because I had it forever and would never want to part with it. From what I remember it was originally purchased as unpainted furniture ....

    • The table is so versatile. I never thought of using it for an end table. It so easy to move, fold up, open and I love that about it. Wow you found yours as unpainted, so how did you finish it.

  12. I just LOVE your table & chairs. They look so pretty together! I doubt that I would change anything
    about them if they look as perfect for "real" as they look in the photo.
    Blessings, Maki

  13. What a beautiful room! Love your curtains. And what great finds with the table and the chairs.

  14. Your table and chairs look terrific in this space. I always tell others, the most useful table one can add to their home is a drop leaf table. 😉

  15. Love your Dropleaf table! So versatile and I love the gateleg style. It looks like she has moved in quite nicely.

  16. I love drop leaf tables and yours is wonderful. what pretty legs. These tables are so versatile too. Love how you've dressed it with the leaves down. The table looks wonderful in your cute dining room.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  17. I love drop leaf tables! The color on this isn't bad....but if you wanted to change it, I recommend chalk paint!! No sanding, or priming either!! I did one (posted as "Miss Farmhouse" on my blog) done with a black on top and a blue below.) In fact, I have a friend coming over this morning to learn how to paint her drop leaf.....
    Great job, love your chairs too!!

    • So glad you liked my table and chairs, have been busy working on slipcovers for the chairs. Stopped by your blog, thanks for the gluten free meatloaf!

  18. I love your drop-leaf table. My grandmother used to have one and I remember just how versatile it was. I would love for you to link this up to my Fall into Fall party going on right now. Hope to see you there.

  19. I love your drop leaf table and the chairs, and you've decorated them perfectly.

  20. I love this room. It looks so cozy. That drop leaf table is perfect for that space. So pretty!
    came here via CLH~ Pat

  21. O, it is adorable...just perfect for your precious dining room and the chairs....PERFECT...and I like the upholstery, too. :))

  22. I love your table and entire room. The colors are so beautiful. It's definitely the perfect addition! WOW!! Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent this week. So thrilled to have you! The party wouldn't be the same without your awesome projects. Have a wonderful weekend.

  23. I love it and I love the entire room! I'm having a bit of hydrangea envy here too:-)

  24. I love your table AND the chairs Cathy - and I really love those curtains - did you make them?
    And you're featured on Savvy Southern Style - big Congrats!!!

  25. I missed this post Cathy but just saw it on the top 3 on Savvy Southern Style. Great gate leg table and floral chairs.

  26. Wow what a score! the color looks perfect and the versatility is great...what I wouldn't give to go dig around in Pat's garage! :)

  27. Styled sooo pretty! Thanks for linking up with HSH!

  28. What a great find at an exceptional price! I love gate leg tables; they are so versatile. I have an oak one that I use folded up as an end table by my sofa. It's easy to pull out and set up for larger dinner parties too!
    You asked the origin of the name. It's because the leg that props up the end swings out as a gate does!

    I'm excited about finding your blog too!


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