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Did Ya Know is a new series I'm starting...It will be about fun and interesting facts.  It can cover food, crafts, decorating, and just about any topic.

I hope you'll enjoy this series!

Did you know that not all olive oil is created equal?
We pay a higher price for extra virgin olive oil, and Did Ya Know... you might not be getting what you paid for?

It might not be extra virgin olive oil, but rather just olive oil.

So how can we tell if the olive oil we are buying really is extra virgin olive oil?
Easy - put you bottle of evoo in the refrigerator (learned this for Dr. Oz) and if it solidifies after at least a day while being cold...it's the real deal.

Carlini Olive Oil

It does work, I tried it on Aldis's Carlini Evoo and it did solidified (pull bottle out and hold in sunlight, you'll see it)!

To be honest I didn't expect it to be, $3.49, pure extra virgin olive olive oil, I certainly got what I paid for!!!!!

Let me know how yours turns out!!!



  1. Great idea for a new series Cathy. Thanks for the info about EVOO, the price sure reflects the difference, so this is a good way to know we're getting what we pay for.

  2. We saw a show on 60 Minutes about EVOO. They said that only California olive oil is dependable to be truly EVOO. Seems countries like Italy kind of have their inspectors look the other way when they certify it's EVOO! Not my words, it's what they said on 60 Minutes. Who knew??

  3. When we were watching that show with Dr. Oz about the oil we went to look at our bottle we got at Walmart. Uh, nope. not the real stuff. LIve and learn the hard and expensive way huh? Thank God for shows like Dr. Oz and 60 minutes. At least we know somebody is watching out for us huh? They talked about the harvest date on back of bottle also on Dr. Oz last week.

  4. Hmmm, very interesting ! Love your new 'series' :)

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