Chicken and White Bean Soup {Quick & Easy}

I've been trying to incorporate more fiber into our diets. We love soup anytime of the year, but especially during winter.  I typically make Chicken Noodle soup, but decided to change it up a bit and make Chicken and White Bean Soup.

Chicken and White Bean Soup

Legumes (beans) add great protein and fiber to a diet.  I also wanted a quick and easy recipe for lunch.  The night before I pre-soaked the beans, and in the morning the beans were cooked for about 2 hours.

White Beans

You could also use canned, but cooking your own beans is a great way to save money.  2 p0unds of white beans gives me 4 - 3 1/2 cups of beans.  The remainder of the beans were placed in containers and tucked in the  freezer till next time.

Chicken and White Bean Soup

It is a quick and easy recipe, very filling and economical!!!





  1. Love the idea of using left over or even a rotisserie chicken....great way to stretch the budget...Thanks for sharing...

  2. Yumzo! By the way, here in India, we would call it Daal. And i love daal.
    Im aching for some of it right now!

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