Out In My Greenhouse

Stock Flower

Yesterday was such a beautiful, sunny day.  Most of the day was spend in my greenhouse. I've had the greenhouse for about eight years, and haven't used it the last two?  My decision to buy it was an easy one, I love gardening/propagation and it saves me money.  The initial investment

Milk Glass Collection

Scalloped rim ribbed milk glass vase

Milk glass started appealing to me a few years back... and seems to be growing lately.  I love it...but do I really need another obsession?  Last summer is when it really "got" a hold of me .  I was at vintage yard sale and she had several pieces that I haven't run across while thrifting.  […]

Winter Cozy Cabins

Mount Crested

In late January I shared the many reasons why I like winter.  Even when it's frigid outside, like it is now, I still love winter.  Frigid weather provides me time to do "winter crafts", i.e. knitting, organizer, cooking comfort foods, winter cozy cabins, planning spring/summer projects and just plain

Snow Blizzard and Heart Giveaway Winner

Knitted Heart

Yesterday we where clobbered with 16" of snow.  It was a snow blizzard because of the high winds.  I hope if any of you were caught in the snows path are safe and warm!

Blogging Friend And A Winter Walk

french sugar and creamer set

Last week was one of those kind of weeks where nothing ran smoothly.  Wednesday morning my car's passenger tire blew out.  Not able to get a hold of Mr. C, I left my car, walked in the freezing cold (no gloves or hat) to find shelter until I could reach him. Later on we bought […]

Tiny Homes On The Market

Small Home, Westmont VA

Remember when smoking was cool (if your old enough)?  McMansion's use to be cool too but that trend is rapidly changing. Small space living is back in vogue for many reasons. The Charmer isn't a tiny home, but she is small, 1,182 square feet. When I purchased her, as a single woman in 1987, I […]

Touring Through Blogland

My 1929 Charmer

Hello Everyone! I am excited to be participating in Touring Through Blogland!  I was invited by Kathy at Creative Home Expressions.  Kathy starting blogging in December of 2007!  She lives in Ohio with her hubs of 29 years. She's a Mom and Grandma (certainly doesn't look it).   Kathy loves to decorate, and she's a […]

The Very Bad Squirrel Brothers

1929 Charmer Deck

Do you remember me sharing a story about  Mr. Squirrel Jr. and his brother?  They are the cutest brothers who were born last year.  Mr. Charmer and I have enjoyed watching them grow. Introducing Mr. Squirrel Jr (his brother is identical), adorable!  But we knew from the start that they were trouble! If any of […]

Wicked Witch of Waterlogue

Wicked Witch of the West

I've been PEA GREEN with envy seeing all the beautiful watercolor pictures on blog land! Everyday, everywhere I kept seeing watercolors and I was so envious!  Now that envy can rear it's ugly head and can make you think bad things! It's not been fun everywhere I visit to to see beautiful watercolors!  But I […]

Digging Out…And More To Come!

Falling Snow

Hello everyone, I know all of you have heard of the storms hitting the Midwest sweeping the North East also. It started snowing here New Year's eve and finally stopped late Thursday.  All in all we got 9" of snow. Sorry for photos..taken with my cell phone. Driving down our block. At least the roads […]