Early June Garden and Other Garden News

Clematis Ernest Markham

Hello dear friends! Up until today we did NOT have any rain...4 gorgeous sunny days! With the sun out, and my back's intense pain subsided, I've been working non-stop in the garden.  At the end of each day, after a long hot shower, I found myself crawling in to bed with aching muscles I never […]

Out Junkin #13

standing globe

Hello friends, I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! Its been pouring rain in IL for the last 4 days.  With so much rain I'm worried some of the garden plants will die from drowning!  The ground is saturated and plants are not able to breath. Plants can drown just like us, they […]

Honey Soy Chicken

Baked Honey Soy Chicken

Hello all, thanks so much for being here visiting! Yesterday and today it's been sunny and beautiful in IL. I've wanted to be outside  working in the garden but my back has other ideas! It's has gotten better since I read an article that offered some great tips. I've had the heating pad on it […]

If Apple MacBook Pro Is So Great….

Apple MacBook Pro

I've never considered myself a lucky person! I've accepted that fact over the years and try and just go with it.  It seems to me that if something is not going to go right, it will happen to me -; Now I rarely do posts that are what I consider to be "whining".  We all […]

Vintage Animal Planter Collection

vintage animal planters

Through thrifting I've unknowingly started many collections.  What's the saying, it only takes two to make a collection? I've certainly got that covered!  Last month my milk glass collection was shared with you, and today I'm sharing my vintage animal planter collection.

Computer Saga Continues

Pulling out hair

The week before last I was typing away on my computer when I knocked over a  full 32oz glass of ice tea on my laptop keyboard. This event is when my computer saga began...I think this might explain how I felt...

Out In My Greenhouse

Stock Flower

Yesterday was such a beautiful, sunny day.  Most of the day was spend in my greenhouse. I've had the greenhouse for about eight years, and haven't used it the last two?  My decision to buy it was an easy one, I love gardening/propagation and it saves me money.  The initial investment

Milk Glass Collection

Scalloped rim ribbed milk glass vase

Milk glass started appealing to me a few years back... and seems to be growing lately.  I love it...but do I really need another obsession?  Last summer is when it really "got" a hold of me .  I was at vintage yard sale and she had several pieces that I haven't run across while thrifting.  […]

Winter Cozy Cabins

Mount Crested

In late January I shared the many reasons why I like winter.  Even when it's frigid outside, like it is now, I still love winter.  Frigid weather provides me time to do "winter crafts", i.e. knitting, organizer, cooking comfort foods, winter cozy cabins, planning spring/summer projects and just plain

Snow Blizzard and Heart Giveaway Winner

Knitted Heart

Yesterday we where clobbered with 16" of snow.  It was a snow blizzard because of the high winds.  I hope if any of you were caught in the snows path are safe and warm!