Its All About The Hearts

To be honest once the holidays are over I  feel drained.  So many activities, emotions and hosting/partying has left me mentally and physically fatigued.   I usually just lag through until Valentine’s day.  This year the Charmer is about easy and no stress decorating…it’s all about the hearts, knitted hearts. I think I mentioned when fall rolls around my knitting needles… Read More

All About Knitting Stars

Once fall sets in, my needles come out, I start knitting. I think it’s part of the nesting syndrome that happens with the weather turning colder. I’ve knitted since eight years old. My Mama taught me and we shared some great times together knitting and laughing. I have several knitting projects going on, one is a large sweater project and… Read More

How To Make Laura Ashley Hearts

Hello friends, I wanted to share with you a tutorial on How to make Laura Ashley Hearts. I found a very pretty Laura Ashley blouse at GW for $1.99… After removing the buttons I flattened the blouse open. I used a large doily from Dollar Tree for my pattern. For each heart you’ll need to cut out two pieces (one… Read More

Autumn Leaves…

AUTUMN LEAVES… I’ve been busy knitted away some Autumn Leaves. I have always loved doing any kind of needlework.  Some of my fondest memories with my Mom (Wanda)were spent doing needlework.  Mom taught me how to sew, knit, crochet, cross-stitch and crewel. My Mom won awards for the silk hats that she make, she was very creative! I’m using the… Read More

Valentine Hearts…

Valentine’s is such an inspiring time, love, kisses, smiles, and knitting! I found a cute pattern for knitted hearts at Natural Suburbia and have been knitting my heart away! They are so cute and knit up in less than a 1/2 hour. Their also adorable hanging… Been enjoying knitting these cuties – my needles are calling me! Do you knit,… Read More

Tutorial: Burlap Trimmed Drop Cloth Curtains

  It’s been difficult lately to focus, but I wanted to share with you my Tutorial: Burlap Trimmed Drop Cloth Curtains. Our Burlap Trimmed Drop Cloth Curtains I made for our dinning room. As promised here’s the tutorial. There were a few things I wished I knew about drop cloths before I started this project that caused a few headaches!… Read More

Burlap Wreath Trimmed Drop Cloth Curtains!

Good Morning All! Do you know what winter…… and Burlap Wreath Trimmed Drop Cloth Curtains have in common? Cold weather! It’s beautiful weather in IL., cooler and sunny. Soon bitter cold weather will be here and the Charmer’s Spring/Summer curtains…. just aren’t up to the task of keeping us warm!  The Charmer’s windows are original to the house, 1929 single… Read More

Shabby Cottage Flower

Smiles peeps! Today I am going to show you how to make a Shabby Cottage Flower! The fabrics you’ll use will obviously affect the look of your flower. Let’s get started.. 1) Freehand 4 different flower shapes on paper (don’t worry, perfect is not a good thing)! The flowers…. The largest flower has 4 pedals, measuring 4″ across (top right),… Read More

I’m Guest Posting Today!

Smiles peeps, Tis a beautiful day here in Illinois, sunny cool and a relief from the heat! I have the pleasure of guest posting at Scattered Thoughts of  A Crafty Mom while shes taking a vacation with her girls! I’m sharing how to make a Shabby Cottage Flower Want to see how to make one? All you have to do… Read More

Tutorial: Pinch Pleated Cafe Curtains…

Smiles, My curtains are done, and I’m so very happy how they turned out.  I’m sharing a detailed tutorial: Pinch Pleated Cafe Curtains. For the last two weeks I’ve been busy making the curtains  –  they were not hard to make; the calculations almost did me in! But, I’m Still Standing…Yeah..Yeah… After looking at numerous photos of cafe curtains here,… Read More

Main Living Area: Pinch Pleated Cafe Curtains…..

Smiles, Oi Vey, I’ve been working on these curtains for what seems like Actually just over two weeks.. Of hair pulling, mind bending, calculus challenging hurdles. The curtains themselves were not hard to do but the calculations caused me to pull at my hair, kick pillows, act like a crazy women, say bad words, and yes drink… really –… Read More

Don’t you just love $1.00 Pattern Day and stockpiling!

Smiles, Hope everyone is having a great day! It’s expected to be in the 80’s today, yahoo!  I’m a big sewer, love it! The last few years my sewing has focused on home decor, but want to start sewing for myself again! My inspiration always comes from Jo-Ann’s and Hancock Fabrics when they have their patterns for a buck! usually… Read More