A Trip to the Dungeon Ends In a Corner Vignette!

Vintage Door Corner Vignette

As I headed down to the dungeon (basement) the last thing on my mind was pulling together a kitchen corner vignette. Old doors have been used in decorating lately but I hadn't even thought of using one until I headed downstairs. I completely forgotten there was an old door until I stumbled upon it. It's […]

How Not to Clean your Refrigerator – ECKKKKK!


  Smile Peeps! Today is the day I decided to clean out my refrigerator, OK  - maybe I should of done it last week  or even the week before - but I didn't. Cleaning the frig just isn't on the top of my"fun" things to do list! Woah, Woah, Woah!!!  To give you a visual […]

7 Day Pillow Challenge – Day 5 – Completely No Sew Pillow

kitchen nook

Smiles Everyone, What a great day it is... Day 5  pillow was so easy to make, I can't believe it... My inspiration photo... Let me share with you the story behind this pillow... Rita May, May Days, sent me an email letting me know she found this pillow at Marshall's Look at the top, see […]

Kitchen Remodel Part 4: Behind the Scenes – It Started Ugly!


Smiles Everyone, I'm going to share the "behind" the scenes of the kitchen remodel. This part is the UGLY part of the project!!!! The kitchen remodel was our biggest project at the Charmer, and the most expensive! I guess it's normal to run into snags during a project, but the kitchen project started The existing […]

Kitchen Remodel Part 3: The Reveal!

1929 Charmer Kitchen

Smiles Everyone,.. I'm so excited to show photos of our kitchen remodel remodel reveal! Honestly, it was pretty pain.ful and em.bar.ras.sing to show you the  before! UGH! The remodel took nearly 2 1/2 months to complete, was exciting, stressful, overwhelming and expensive.  At times I thought I had walked through the gates of hell! The […]

Kichen Remodel: Part Two – The Gutting!


Smile Everyone, Glad to see you joined us for our kitchen remodel series. Last week I shared the pretty scary kitchen before photos, here.   Most of the walls by and around the old sink area (window) were replaced, and insulation put in. The Charmer was built with NO insulation throughout the house. All existing […]