No Sew Cottage Style Lampshades

Vintage Lace Table Runner

Welcome Charmer friends!  Summer has been jam packed with projects!  The largest one, giving the Charmer a new look, is completely done, but it's been so hot I have't taken pictures :-{.  There's still two more projects going on, the craft room and the shasta trailer.  It feels like being on carousel in some ways […]

Thrifted Floral Wall Gallery

pink rose oil painting

Hello Charming friends!  We've been busy working on our new baby Shasta.  We found some wood rot and an incredible ladybug infestation!  At least they were all dead!  I'll be posting soon about what we've been doing. Today I'm sharing my thrifted floral wall gallery.  Now, you all must know by now much I love thrifting...everytime I go […]

Summer Mantel

vintage books and yellow vase

Hello Charming friends!  The re-staining of the house as been a long, hard, and body draining project! The good news, we are 99.5% done!  Gosh, it will be such a relief to finally start enjoying summer!  Last Thursday it rained all day and provided me the break for some play time! Play time is cooking, […]

A Bump In The Bedroom…..

vintage cabinet

Hello Charming friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful patriotic weekend. The weather was perfect here....but we weren't able to enjoy it because we're still working our butts off -;  The exterior painting is about 95% done, and the gardens are in a bad need of  weeding.  If you find yourself with some extra […]

Independence Day Back Porch

American Flag

Hello Charmer friends! After completing our two major summer projects I finally had some time to play! Saturday is July 4th, a day I love celebrating.  Did you know for the first 15 or 20 years after the Declaration was written, people didn’t celebrate it much on any date. It was too new and too […]

Vintage Cottage Table Runner Curtains

Vintage Table Runner Curtains

When the weather finally breaks from winter... The Spring has come again For the grass is growing green, And among the fields of clover Bright butterflies are seen. The little birds are singing sweetly As they fly from tree to tree... The busy bees are gathering The honey from the flowers, And the merry birds […]

A Bit Of Spring In The Kitchen

Virginia Bluebells

I'll be honest with you all I've struggle to bring myself in from my garden this past week :-}.  After a long hard winter my garden is where I want to be...but since it rained today I'm sitting out on the back porch typing up this post.   Yesterday, as the sun shinned,  I cut a […]

Vintage Animal Planter Collection

vintage animal planters

Through thrifting I've unknowingly started many collections.  What's the saying, it only takes two to make a collection? I've certainly got that covered!  Last month my milk glass collection was shared with you, and today I'm sharing my vintage animal planter collection.

Spring Buffet Vignette

pair of white ducks

One area I always enjoy decorating is our buffet.  Perhaps you might not know, but, this is the fourth buffet we've had!  If you like to see two before (don't have photos for first one) click here and here.  I've had my Spring Buffet Vignette done for a while and just now getting to sharing […]

It Followed Me Home Spring Door Vignette

Spring Tulip Basket

I was out for a walk the other day, and when heading back home, I felt something following me as I walked down the alley?  It wasn't real close to me, but, close enough for me to know it was there? Should I turn around and see who it was, or should I high tail […]