Independence Day Back Porch

American Flag

Hello Charmer friends! After completing our two major summer projects I finally had some time to play! Saturday is July 4th, a day I love celebrating.  Did you know for the first 15 or 20 years after the Declaration was written, people didn’t celebrate it much on any date. It was too new and too […]

Our Easter Tablescape

Warwick china small plates

Easter is this Sunday, and I rarely set our tablescape before, but last night I did.  The Charmer is a small, cozy home,  and setting a table a week before is typically out of the question.  I use the dining table for crafting and a transition place to hold treasures that need a permanent home.  […]

St. Patrick Vignette and Our Irish History

Irish Thread Banner

Mr. C is half Irish, and was raised by his very Irish grandmother, Margaret Burns.  She was born in County Cork, Ireland and came to the United States when she was 13 years old.  She married Chester Burns from Ireland.  Mr. C has no memory of Chester or what happened to him? Hmmmm. Their were […]

7 Frugal Valentine Decor Ideas

Frugal Valentine Decor Ideas

Valentine's Day is a week from today! Both my curio and china hutch (share tomorrow) are all prettied up.  I've caught a bad cold and don't have a lot of energy.  So I came up with 7 Frugal Valentine decor ideas.  I hope you'll make, or be inspired by, these easy and frugal Valentine simple […]

Valentine Curio Cabinet

butterfly rose dish

Valentine's Day is just over a week away, and I wanted to share my Valentine Curio Cabinet.  I found the cabinet, or I should say two curio cabinets at GW, click here.   One is still standing down in the dungeon. We are planning on converting part of our dungeon in to a family room. It's […]

Its All About The Hearts

Knitted Heart

To be honest once the holidays are over I  feel drained.  So many activities, emotions and hosting/partying has left me mentally and physically fatigued.   I usually just lag through until Valentine's day.  This year the Charmer is about easy and no stress's all about the hearts, knitted hearts. I think I mentioned when fall […]

Merry Christmas


Hello friends, just wanted to wish you all a great holiday! Hoping your time with family and friends are merry ones! I'll be taking a short break to enjoy the holiday with our family and friends.  See you after the first of the year! Enjoy!

Christmas Table Setting Cottage Style

Red transferware,

Christmas is only 3 days away! When I entertain it's never very formal.  You know I love to cook but I’m a totally casual person, and so is my home. Most of the Charmers furnishing were purchased from thrift store and barn sale finds. My farmhouse table was a steal from a barn sale I […]

Cozy Christmas Kitchen

red transferware, ironstone pitchers

If there's one place I want to be in the Charmer it's in my Cozy Christmas Kitchen! I love my kitchen, now that doesn't mean there aren't things I wouldn't change about it, there is. But when I walk in to the kitchen I have such a wave of being enveloped in the warmest feeling!

Christmas In Our Master Bedroom And Dressing Room

Tartan Throw, teapot, teacup

I was planning on sharing our Cozy Christmas Kitchen with you, but to be honest I'm feeling a tad tired today.  There's so many photos (300) to edit that I switched gears and I'm sharing Christmas In Our Master Bedroom and Dressing Room.