Early July Sun Cottage Garden Part Two

Climbing Hydrangea Vine

Yesterday I shared our Early July Sun Garden Part One. This is where we left off... to see the plants in this area, click here. We are heading West (right) of one side of the Sun Garden, The middle section has two Dwarf Variegated Maiden Grass. Hopefully you can see the variegated leaves. Miscanthus sinensis […]

Early July Sun Cottage Garden Part 1


Our gardens were designed using "garden rooms".  My garden is small, and the creation of rooms creates a sense of space and mystery. 85% of our garden is 80% shade, but there is one section that receives full sun..  I'm sharing my Early July Sun Garden Room.  The sun garden is outside our main living […]

Our Late Spring Garden

Honeysuckle Vine

It's been so beautiful here...and spending every waking moment in our garden. I've been taking photos of the garden and since its been raining all day  it's a good day to share them with you. 80% of my garden is partial shade, so I'll start with the garden out in our front yard with our […]

Master Gardening Series: Herbaceous Pruning 101

Pruning Herbaceous Plants

It's a beautiful morning, sun shinning, birds chirping, and breezes swaying the trees, life is good. What a great day to talk about gardening! If you've missed any of the MGS you can click on the sidebar button, or below: The Relationship Between Forsythia and Our Lawns How to prune Woody Shrubs When to Prune […]

Master Gardening Series: Are Your Tomatoes Determinate or Indeterminate?

Tomato Plant

I hope you are enjoying and learning from The Master Gardening Series. We've talked about the Relationship Between Forsythia and our Lawns, Tutorial On Pruning Techniques and When To Prune Spring Flowering Shrubs. Today's Master Gardening Series: Are Your Tomatoes Determinate or Indeterminate? Tomato is the most popular vegetable to grow in America. Picking a […]

Master Gardener Series: Time To Prune Lilacs

Lilac Bush

I received great feedback on this new series..so glad to know you all want to become Master Gardener's yourself! Today's Master Gardener Series: Time to Prune Lilacs Lilacs are in bloom and their unmistakeable fragrance is in the air! Today we will discuss how to prune Lilacs (feeding another post).  Hopefully this information will help […]

Master Gardener Series: Pruning Shrubs

Alive Branch

I earned a Master Gardener Certification from the University of Illinois.  It is a great program and has educated me in so many ways.  I decided to start a Master Gardener Series and share with you some of my garden knowledge. Today's Master Gardener Series: Pruning Shrubs Today I headed out in my garden to […]

What Does Forsythia & Lawns Have In Common?


  Spring is here, the sun is shining breezes of fresh air are blowing in through the windows. Blooms are popping everywhere! and Forsythia's are in bloom!  So I decided to re-share the post on "What Does Forsythia & Lawns Have In Common"? You might not know what a Forsythia shrub looks like.. As you […]

Six Tips To Keep Your Houseplants Happy In Winter


Hello Everyone! It's easier to keep our houseplants healthy during the Spring and Summer...but it can become challenging during the winter season. The problem begins when we turn on our furnaces and the indoor air becomes dry and lacks humidity.  The dry air is devastating to our plants! Why?...most houseplants are tropical  in origin and […]

Garden Thyme: Just a Little Bit Left!


Smiles peeps, Wanted to share once again with Fishtail Cottage "Cottage Garden Party". I'm sure you tired of me saying how much I miss my garden this year, the heat and drought was unforgiving, and even though it's cooled off, much is to late to recover. So let me share with you some of my […]