Early October Garden


The sun was pouring in through the windows...and it rained for 3 days before.  I felt the need to head out and see what's been going on and if anything made it through the hard rains. Several weeks ago we had a hard enough frost to kill all my Impatients so I wasn't able to […]

Late August Garden Flowers

Dahlia Bloom

Today it finally cooled off!  It wasn't temperature hot but very, very, very humid outside which just depletes me! After sitting awhile in my secret garden sitting area I decided to walk around and take photos of our late August garden flowers I came inside to grab my camera and headed out the front door. […]

My Secret Garden Sitting Area

Secret Garden Sitting Area

With fall fast approaching I'm in a frenzy to share my garden with you all! Last week our Secret Garden Pond was shared.  Today my secret garden sitting area. There are five windows in our kitchen nook and when looking out the back (west) nook window this is our view of the pond area. Straight […]

My Secret Garden Pond Area

Water Pond

My favorite spot in my garden is the secret garden and pond area.   This is where I whittle away the hours in tranquil peace. Warning....long post! You might remember I've designed my garden into rooms. I've shared my Front Garden, Sun Garden and today is the Secret Garden Pond Area. In another post I'll […]

MG Series: Leaf Spot Diseases of Rudbeckia

Rudbeckia Black Spots

Today's MG Series: Leaf Spot Diseases of Rudbeckia. Rudbeckia, Black Eyed Susan, is in the Asteraceae family, and their common name is coneflower or black eyed susan. A beloved cottage and cutting garden staples, with their marvelous blends of gold, orange, reddish, and mahogany petals on daisies up to 6 inches across. They are a […]

July Sun Garden Part 3

Indeterminate Tomato, Garden Accessories

I  know I keep saying this....so hoping you won't mind reading it again. DO NOT START 3 MAJOR PROJECTS ALL AT THE SAME TIME! There, I feel so much better now. It's been so busy, finishing projects, starting new ones, garage sales and some of the best vintage and barn sales I've ever been to!!! […]

Master Gardening Series: Nasty Aphids

Red Aphids

I feel like I owe so many of you an apology....I've gotten so busy with too many projects...and time in my garden that I've let this series slide. This Master Gardening Series: Nasty Aphids. It was very hot here for two days in a row and I wandered outside to water some containers. One of […]

Early July Sun Cottage Garden Part Two

Climbing Hydrangea Vine

Yesterday I shared our Early July Sun Garden Part One. This is where we left off... to see the plants in this area, click here. We are heading West (right) of one side of the Sun Garden, The middle section has two Dwarf Variegated Maiden Grass. Hopefully you can see the variegated leaves. Miscanthus sinensis […]

Early July Sun Cottage Garden Part 1


Our gardens were designed using "garden rooms".  My garden is small, and the creation of rooms creates a sense of space and mystery. 85% of our garden is 80% shade, but there is one section that receives full sun..  I'm sharing my Early July Sun Garden Room.  The sun garden is outside our main living […]

Our Late Spring Garden

Honeysuckle Vine

It's been so beautiful here...and spending every waking moment in our garden. I've been taking photos of the garden and since its been raining all day  it's a good day to share them with you. 80% of my garden is partial shade, so I'll start with the garden out in our front yard with our […]