What Does Forsythia & Lawns Have In Common?


  Spring is here, the sun is shining breezes of fresh air are blowing in through the windows. Blooms are popping everywhere! and Forsythia's are in bloom!  So I decided to re-share the post on "What Does Forsythia & Lawns Have In Common"? You might not know what a Forsythia shrub looks like.. As you […]

Six Tips To Keep Your Houseplants Happy In Winter


Hello Everyone! It's easier to keep our houseplants healthy during the Spring and Summer...but it can become challenging during the winter season. The problem begins when we turn on our furnaces and the indoor air becomes dry and lacks humidity.  The dry air is devastating to our plants! Why?...most houseplants are tropical  in origin and […]

Garden Thyme: Just a Little Bit Left!


Smiles peeps, Wanted to share once again with Fishtail Cottage "Cottage Garden Party". I'm sure you tired of me saying how much I miss my garden this year, the heat and drought was unforgiving, and even though it's cooled off, much is to late to recover. So let me share with you some of my […]

Garden Thyme: Porcelain Berry Vine


Smiles peeps, We are finally enjoying some beautiful, sunny cooler days, My garden is smaller, so I use  a lot of vertical gardening, vines. Today I want to share with you one of my most  favorites. Porcelain Berry Vine - it was originally grown around the 1870's as a bedding plant (originally from China). It […]

Using Dianthus In My Garden – annual heavy reseeder

Charmer 2c

Smiles peeps, The weather has been so beautiful here, and I've been outside every chance I can. We had some badly needed rain lately, and there's only 1 plant in my garden that hasn't been happy about it is.. my Fairy Garden -  I've had to keep it tilted to let the water run out! […]

The Garden Outside My Kitchen Window!

1929 charmer

Smiles peeps, I was standing at one of my kitchen window this morning thinking about sharing my garden with Fishtail  Cottage Garden party. When it hit me, show my garden outside my kitchen window! Sometimes creative moments like this just happen :-}. There are 5 windows in my kitchen and the views I'm sharing are […]

Out & About In the Garden

1929 charmer

Smiles Peeps, Today is Fishtail Cottage Garden Party! I look forward to joining Tracie's party each week.. But it's not been a good year to have a garden in Illinois...heat and drought, more heat and more drought has left my garden with few pretties to look at. I've actually felt sad this year knowing she […]

My Garden’s Jewels – Heirloom Balsam!

the charmer

Smile Peeps! Last night we finally got some badly needed rain. It poured and poured and the rainfall level reached almost an 1"! I felt like a little girl again letting the rain fall all over me and stomping in the rain! My garden has suffered over the last two months. But there are a […]

Garden Care: Drought & Deadheading!!!

Spent flower

Smiles to you friends, We are in one of the worst droughts here in Illinois. Our winter was abnormally warm, and very little snow. Temps have been high in the 90's and into the 100° At this point I am watering my garden JUST to keep everything alive. What are some things we can do […]

I guess you can call this a Fairy Garden?

Fairy Garden

Smiles my friends, It's been a hectic week... but yesterday morning I headed out to our local Farmer's Market (5 blocks away) for some fresh veggies - to my delight they were also having a plant clearance sale. All they had left where some Dianthus and six Hens and Chicks, 25¢ each. I have several […]