MG Series: Prune Now For More Fall Blooms


It's late Spring and I'm already thinking about my gardens Fall blooms (perennials).  Why? Because what I do now will give me compact flowering plants in Fall such as Asters, Sedum and Chrysanthemums! For behold the winter is passed;the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing come, […]

MG Series: Hydrangea Care and Pruning

Everlasting Forever Hydrangea

Last week I started working on designing the front gardens of the church I attend. The beds are not that large but one bed has many undesirable elements (plagues that can't be covered, a HUGE memorial stone of a founding founder and a few more).   I'm also donating all the herbaceous plants and the […]

Out In The Front Yard And Out Greenhouse

hostas, ferns, sweet woodruff, creeping jenny, crap apple tree

The rain has been falling the last few days, some light gentle rains, and some severe storms the other night.  With the generous amount of rain everything in the gardens is are the weeds:-{.  Yesterday and today it stopped raining long enough for me to catch up on some weeding in the front yard […]

Shades Of Violet Flowers And A Vignette

vintage tea cup and plate

In the early morning I like to walk about in my gardens and as I heading out the front door I noticed several  shades of Spring violet flowers. The flower box outside our front door houses some pansies..

MG Series: Reusing Last Season’s Potting Soil?

worm cartoon

As I'm getting ready to start planting the containers (25 of them) in my garden. It got me thinking about doing this master gardening series on Reusing Last Season's Potting Soil? In every gardener there is a child who believes in The Seed Fairy. Robert Brault Short answer: yes. Some home gardeners think they have […]

In The Greenhouse

Hyacinth Bean Vine

The last few weeks I've been busy out in the greenhouse.  I've been battling cold and windy nights and to hot temperatures in the green house.  Days there are fans in the greenhouse to keep the temperature below 80°. At night I have space heaters and shop lights on to keep the temperatures above 60°! […]

MG Series: Protecting Plants In A Freeze


It was cold last night, and I had a space heater on high in my greenhouse. The temperature was below 60º, not warm enough for them to grow, but certainly warm enough to keep them happy. Today I am taking steps protecting plants in a freeze. We, here in the Midwest, have weather predicted for […]

MG Series: Clematis Care & Pruning

Clematis jackmanii "superba"

Today's Mastering Gardening Series is about Clematis care and pruning.  Clematis is one of my favorite climbing vines.  If you don't have a trellis Clematis is great planted at the base of a small tree or shrub. like a clematis she withers after August is reborn next May Daniele Bios

MG Series: Its All In The Soil

good soil

Many years ago, when Mr. C and I were going to have a garden wedding, so it was kind of essential that gardens were created in our yard:-(. I didn't read any gardening books because it all seemed so obvious. Get rid of that grass and plant your seeds and plants in the dirt underneath. […]

Overload And Signs Of Spring

Narcissus, Daffodil

Last week was a week that didn't go well...I spilled a huge glass of ice tea on my laptop:-{.  It has gone to laptop heaven....and I went out looking for a computer on Friday.  When I left I thought I was going to buy another windows laptop.  Somehow I left with a new Mac Pro? […]