Cottage Garden Journal Mid July

flower box

Morning Charming friends!  We've been working on our new girl, our 1959 Shasta Trailer.  If you haven't seen her yet click here.  She's really in pretty good shape but some repair is needed. I took a few moments to take photos to share with you our cottage garden journal in mid-July.  It's almost the end […]

MG Series: Leafminer Insect


Hello Charming friends! With the weather we've been having, cooler and TONS of rain, I've been noticing a familiar insect in my garden.  It looks like this...

Cottage Garden Journal June’s 3rd Week


I've been missing in blogland the last two weeks, it's been crazy busy and we're involved in back breaking hard work.  This week we've been working on changing the color of the Charmer from yellow to a mix of grey/yellow with white trim.  We hired a painted to stain and paint the trim on all […]

Summer Cottage Garden Party

cottage front porch

Welcome to the Summer Cottage Garden Party! A Summer Cottage Garden Party showcasing eight cottage gardens.  It was a no brainer, the Charmer is a cottage home, and she is surrounded by the cottage gardens I lovingly created and maintain.   It's my first time participating in such a great event and I'm thrilled to […]

Cottage Garden Journal 2nd Week June


Welcome friends to my Cottage Garden Journal for the second week of June. I'm so busy, busy, busy with the Cottage Garden Party tomorrow, so today is short and sweet with photos only..   Beadstongue

MG: Rejuvenation Is A Good Thing

Arrowwood Viburnum

One of last year's MG series was about shrub pruning.  There are two pruning types: 1) rejuvenation and 2) renewal. If you would like to learn the details on how to do the  pruning, click here. In my back garden beds there is an Arrowwod Viburnum shrub.

Early June Garden and Other Garden News

Clematis Ernest Markham

Hello dear friends! Up until today we did NOT have any rain...4 gorgeous sunny days! With the sun out, and my back's intense pain subsided, I've been working non-stop in the garden.  At the end of each day, after a long hot shower, I found myself crawling in to bed with aching muscles I never […]

MG Series: Best Tips For Healthy Lawns


I've never understood America's love affair with their Blades of Glory, but here's a few Tips For Healthy Lawns! Oh green, vibrant rich thatch of earth, so perfectly cut, each blade precise; As tufts of cyan and amber sprout wild and feral in an unruly tangle. My hapless endeavor, with tool in hand, against weed […]

Late May Garden Blooms

Fringed Bleeding Heart

I was so happy to be able to work a bit out in my garden today.  My method was crawling around like a baby on all fours in the's getting the job done!  I can only do this for about two hours, which in the size of my garden is gonna take awhile to […]

Lilac At The Charmer

lilac in yellow vase

Last week our Miss Kim lilacs (dwarf) began blooming on the Charmer's south side.  Even though they bloomed a little later than usual they are still spectacular.  It was fun to clipping the blossoms to bring inside the Charmer.