Monday Meanderings

Heidi, Knitted cap

I know it's Tuesday...I forgot to "schedule" the post to go live yesterday! When I hit my blog this morning I noticed it was unpublished. Last week we had more beautiful sunny weather.  Perfect Fall weather...till yesterday, rain, rain and more rain.  After all the rain  must fall :-} I'm working my way through canning […]

The Squirrel Brothers….

Mr.Squirrel Jr.

Yes, It's brrrr, brrrr, brrrr, cold here!  So much for global warming :-{ Besides keeping ourselves warm Mr. Charmer and I worry so much about our outdoor neighbors!!  Last year we made a heated water drinking bath for our friends spending time out in the cold... and at the end of last year it fell […]

Hello…and the silence

thank you

Good morning everyone, a quick post to let you all know surgery did go well and thanks for all your well wishes and prayers. Those of you who have been visiting me alongside here on the blog throughout the last two years, sharing recipes, diy and decorating projects and sharing comments, we thank  you. Last […]

Thoughtful Neighbors and Adjusting….


It's been a week of the loss and silence felt throughout our home with Bo's passing. We are all adjusting to this loss, each in our own way. But our sweet Sugar is having a very hard time, Sugar and Bo were inseparable. She slept with him, would only drink from his water bowl, […]

In Memory: Laid Back Bo!

Laid Back Bo

We knew it was coming, it was relentless, no matter how hard we fought it back, it would not give up its hold! Our beloved Laid Back Bo left us yesterday, this is my most favorite picture of Bo, we tried out a new hair do, and it suited him so well. Bo was a […]

The Difficult Decision…

Laid Back Bo

This morning I was going to share my Christmas mantel.  But it doesn't seem important at the moment... Decisions are not difficult for me to make, but there is one decision I finding hard to make. I've heard people say you will know when it's the right time. I remember my Mom saying something very […]

Bo – The Dog With Nine Lives?


  Smiles to you friends, Our dog Bo, is old, and really hasn't been healthy with many peaks and valleys over the last year, we thought we were at the the point of making the dreaded decision - Is it time! Since hubs and I practice Homeopathy we took Bo to a very well respected […]

The Dreaded Question – How Will We Know It’s Time?


Smiles to you my friends, Our beloved dog, Bo, has been struggling with numerous medical problems over the last year. Bo has survived even when we didn't think he could.  We thought, as least for now, that he was doing better. That we didn't need to face the inevitable "question". But as the a last […]

Haven and Happy Birthday To Me!

Cathy - 1929 Charmer

  Smiles Everyone, I'm out here in GA at Haven, my room is fab.u.lous, Last night there was a great welcome reception.. A very fun night and met so many new bloggers, today classes begin and am so excited to be attending Oh, one other thing, I tried taking photos of myself, it's not as […]

Laid Back Bo – Update!


Smiles, Bo has become sick once again, here! In the last few days we've gone through lab test, x-rays, ultrasounds, MRI and a spinal fluid analysis. Poor Bo is tuckered and so are we. Bo spent the night at the hospital preparing for the brain MRI and the spinal tap. Good news - a stroke […]