Our Deck Remodel

eck with Barn metal roofing

I hope all of you had a really nice Labor day weekend.  We laid low pretty much but did have some friends over for dinner Saturday night. I didn't go out much because it's been so humid and heavy outside. I don't do humid....it completely depletes me of all energy! The Charmer's deck was added […]

The Fish That Didn’t Get Away


We've been working on our deck remodel in between working on our Kitchen Updo.  I think Mr. Charmer and I will need updo's when we finish them!  I've learned that I'm feeling my 60+ years! This is a silly short story...I was down in the dungeon looking for something when I stumbled across an old […]

A Little Help For Our Feathered Friends..

Heated Brid Bath - 1029 Charmer

I hope you've all had a great New Year's!  I don't know about you, but I am always so glad when the holidays are over. Life can become calmer and  the house can get back to normal.   We spent the whole day upstairs taking down holiday decorations, cleaning and organizing. A few days ago the […]

Our Wooden Window Repairs Are Completed!

wood window repair, etched glass

Our main living area wooden window repairs are completed!  It is a tedious and time consuming job. So glad I didn't have to do it. My hubs is the man for the job, his idea of a fun time is re-piecing a plate that's scattered in to a thousand pieces.  I am the kind of […]

Why I Can’t Decorate For Fall – For Now Any Way!

Charmer Window

Smiles peeps, It's so beautiful out and Fall is in the air, and I've so being wanting to do some Fall decorating, but I can't! Why - because we are renovating the dinning room windows. Last year I shared with you how bad our living room windows looked. Peeling old looking windows - then we […]

A Cottage Lampshade Slipcover Tutorial!

1929 Charmer

Happy Smiles Everyone, Today I'm sharing my tutorial on how to make a Cottage Lampshade Slipcover. Yesterday I shared with you our new dining room corner vignette that I showed the slipcover in.  The Slipcover is very quick and easy project that can be sewn or you could even use a hot glue gun. I […]

Our Cottage Bookcase…looking Pretty!

1929 Charmer

  Smiles Everyone! Last week I shared how we took an ugly bookcase to a cottage charmer! Want to see how we transformed her? Check it out here! Isn't she pretty - she needs a little prettying up! I just love it, and pulled all rooms colors in. It look me about 4 hours before […]

Charmer Guest: Welcome Rukmini of Trumatter


Good Morning, Today is the Charmer's 2nd Guest Post - in celebration of  my 1st Blogaversary! Rukmini from Trumatter is gracious enough to join in on the celebration by sharing her creativity with us! Yes, we are very lucky indeed! Some of Rukmini's creativity is shown in the transformation of  her DIY Project: Wine Crate […]

How To Take an Ugly Bookcase To Cottage Charm!


Smiles, I'm still in the process of transforming our living area to a cottage style, hubs and I have been working on changing an old ugly bookcase in to a cottage one on a very frugal tight budget! Here's how the bookcase looked before we started (before room painted).. Yikes, that's an ugly bookcase don't […]

Charmer Guest: Welcome Audrey of Elegant Economics


Good Morning, Today is the 1st Guest Post during my 1 year Blog Anniversary Par.tay! I have Audrey from Elegant Economics and I am so thrilled with the post she put together on the Basics of Vignettes.   Before I turn you over to Audrey I'd like to share with you some of her beautiful […]