No Sew Cottage Style Lampshades

Welcome Charmer friends!  Summer has been jam packed with projects!  The largest one, giving the Charmer a new look, is completely done, but it’s been so hot I have’t taken pictures :-{.  There’s still two more projects going on, the craft room and the shasta trailer.  It feels like being on carousel in some ways and I promise, right here… Read More

How To Make A Fall Fabric Wreath

I love having wreaths on my front door, hanging on a wall or from a window.  This fall I wanted something different…I wanted to use  fabric….and it needed to be a quick and easy project. A wreath that had an old time feel to it.  To make one for yourself I’m sharing the tutorial on How To Make A Fall… Read More

A Sewing Tip Helps Relieve Neck Pain

 With all the remodeling and room updo’s going on behind the scenes at the Charmer I’ve been doing quite a bit of  sewing. Since my surgery last year my neck stiffens up when holding my head down for too long. A tip I learned a while back helps me control my neck stiffness.  I’m re-sharing this post…. A sewing tip… Read More