The Bunny Family

Mr. C is out golfing today with his boys (friends) and I have the whole day alone!!!! Being retired is great, but sometimes it’s just too much time together:-{. I love spending time alone, who better than with ourselves.  It might be because having been one of ten children there never was alone time either, never a separate bedroom, in… Read More

A Frugal Craft and A Spring Foyer

It’s exciting that Spring is officially here..if only the weather would be too! Last week’s weather was a teaser, some beautiful days and of course today is dreary and cold and snow is predicted for tomorrow. But the hope of spring’s eternal inspired me to make a frugal craft and decorate our Spring foyer. This is how our Spring Foyer… Read More

What My Mystery Knit Turned Out to Be

The weather has been a cold topic through the Midwest and will continue this week. I’ve been staying in and working on organizing the Charmer and knitting.  Oh how I enjoy knitting!  Whenever I knit my Mama’s spirit comes to me, a strong magnetic pull, like she’s sitting next to me again when

Knitting Retreat and a Mystere

Years ago sitting together, on my bed,  my Mama began showing me how to knit.  It was a memorable time between a mother and her eight year old daughter. It was unusual to have alone time with her, being one of 10 children, this didn’t happen to often. These times together always involved knitting or sewing.  She was the catalyst… Read More

Valentine Embroidery Hoop Art

Valentine embroidery hoop art is a great craft project perfect for anyone wanting to decorate their home easily and inexpensively.  One of my favorite Valentine embroidery hoop art was done the year before I got sick. You can see how I made

7 Frugal Valentine Decor Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a week from today! Both my curio and china hutch (share tomorrow) are all prettied up.  I’ve caught a bad cold and don’t have a lot of energy.  So I came up with 7 Frugal Valentine decor ideas.  I hope you’ll make, or be inspired by, these easy and frugal Valentine simple ideas.

Valentine Napkin Ring

One of my greatest pleasures is spending lots of time in my cottage kitchen doing what I love, cooking. Being a garlic lover I use garlic in just about everything I cook and have broken apart many garlic bulbs.  Garlic is not only essential in my cooking, but, also as a decorative element in my Valentine decor….

Its All About The Hearts

To be honest once the holidays are over I  feel drained.  So many activities, emotions and hosting/partying has left me mentally and physically fatigued.   I usually just lag through until Valentine’s day.  This year the Charmer is about easy and no stress decorating…it’s all about the hearts, knitted hearts. I think I mentioned when fall rolls around my knitting needles… Read More

Women’s Christmas Retreat

Saturday I attended a Women’s Christmas retreat at the Center.  The Center is one of my favorite places to spend time for spiritual renewal.   It is a place for celebration, enrichment and healing.  Over 30 years I attended retreats, yoga, painting, weaving, teas, lunches and special holiday events. This was the first year the retreat wasn’t overnight, but none the… Read More

All About Knitting Stars

Once fall sets in, my needles come out, I start knitting. I think it’s part of the nesting syndrome that happens with the weather turning colder. I’ve knitted since eight years old. My Mama taught me and we shared some great times together knitting and laughing. I have several knitting projects going on, one is a large sweater project and… Read More

Fall No Sew Owl Pillow

I’m bringing a little fall into the Charmer this season with an easy fall no sew Owl Pillow. You might not know this about me…but I am always running behind!  It’s true, for someone who is retired, you’d think I wouldn’t be behind!  Not happening. I actually have my fall mantel, buffet and deck all decorated in fall decor…it’s finding… Read More

Fall Fabric Wreath

Even though I haven’t started any fall decorating I’ve been working on some fall projects.  I wanted to create a fall wreath that has a “vintage” natural feel. It turned out to be a very quick project and completed in under 45 minutes…. but the time to pull/set up your sewing machine isn’t included.  Only straight stitching is used in… Read More

Too Late To Share My Spring Wreath

I’ve been in a frenzy to get all our major summer projects completed. I haven’t shared a few projects that have been done for quite awhile! So. . . .  is it too late to share my spring wreath with you? I hope not since sharing the wreath with you will help me bring closure on the spring/summer season so… Read More