The Deck Reveal!

The Deck Reveal

Well it's been a loooooooooong time coming! The deck reveal is finally being shared! It started when we decided to cover the patio--we had a Pergola built in 1999-- and enjoyed it so much, here.  But with Illinois weather, ever changing, we wanted to be able to sit outdoors rain or shine!  Our deck is […]

Harriet Hoosier On Our Deck

Hoosier Cabinet

Before our kitchen was remodeled Harriet Hoosier was a vital piece. She provided a great deal of storage in our dysfunctional layout. To be honest it always pains me to share this photo...cause it's really u.g.l.y! Prepare yourself for ugliness... OK, take a few minutes to compose yourselves...I know it was quite a shock!  If […]

Our Deck Remodel

eck with Barn metal roofing

I hope all of you had a really nice Labor day weekend.  We laid low pretty much but did have some friends over for dinner Saturday night. I didn't go out much because it's been so humid and heavy outside. I don't do completely depletes me of all energy! The Charmer's deck was added […]

Master Bedroom Remodel Sneak Peak

Kitchen Remodel Sneak Peak

I never thought this day would ever come! Our Master Bedroom remodel began over three years ago.  We ran into construction problems, put it to the back burner, and slept in my dressing room, on the floor, far longer that we should have. It's a milestone having the master bedroom completed, so many negatives behind […]

Kitchen Updo: Backsplash


You might not know that Mr. Charmer and I have been in the process of doing a kitchen updo!   A major renovation was done several years back but it was time for a quick new look. Doing this project I've realized updo's are never quick and become more involved than planned. Last week I shared […]

Another Two Toned Buffet!

1929 charmer

Smiles Everyone, About two weeks ago I shared our new Two Toned Buffet,  I also mentioned that there was another buffet sitting in the garage! I just love buffets, and when I spot a cutey I just can't help myself. But my home isn't big enough to hold two, so there was only one thing […]

A Corner Vignette..and a new cottage lampshade!!

1929 charmer

Smiles Everyone, We started off our day with such beautiful weather! A very pleasant sunny 76° - Yippee!!! I sat a while in my garden, listening to the birds, and sipping tea. I wanted to sit out there all day,  and do nothing. But I wanted to share with you my dining room corner vignette. […]

Hello Cutie – A Two Toned Looker!

1929 Charmer

Smiles Everyone, Been a busy bee transforming the Charmer in to a cottage dream... Actually I move more like a tortoise -  since retiring lost my drive. Slow and easy is more like it! This is our current buffet! Our last two buffets went bye bye - sold at my booth! The last one, so […]

Our Cottage Bookcase…looking Pretty!

1929 Charmer

  Smiles Everyone! Last week I shared how we took an ugly bookcase to a cottage charmer! Want to see how we transformed her? Check it out here! Isn't she pretty - she needs a little prettying up! I just love it, and pulled all rooms colors in. It look me about 4 hours before […]

How To Take an Ugly Bookcase To Cottage Charm!


Smiles, I'm still in the process of transforming our living area to a cottage style, hubs and I have been working on changing an old ugly bookcase in to a cottage one on a very frugal tight budget! Here's how the bookcase looked before we started (before room painted).. Yikes, that's an ugly bookcase don't […]