Kitchen Updo: Backsplash


You might not know that Mr. Charmer and I have been in the process of doing a kitchen updo!   A major renovation was done several years back but it was time for a quick new look. Doing this project I've realized updo's are never quick and become more involved than planned. Last week I shared […]

Our Wooden Window Repairs Are Completed!

wood window repair, etched glass

Our main living area wooden window repairs are completed!  It is a tedious and time consuming job. So glad I didn't have to do it. My hubs is the man for the job, his idea of a fun time is re-piecing a plate that's scattered in to a thousand pieces.  I am the kind of […]

Why I Can’t Decorate For Fall – For Now Any Way!

Charmer Window

Smiles peeps, It's so beautiful out and Fall is in the air, and I've so being wanting to do some Fall decorating, but I can't! Why - because we are renovating the dinning room windows. Last year I shared with you how bad our living room windows looked. Peeling old looking windows - then we […]

Another Two Toned Buffet!

1929 charmer

Smiles Everyone, About two weeks ago I shared our new Two Toned Buffet,  I also mentioned that there was another buffet sitting in the garage! I just love buffets, and when I spot a cutey I just can't help myself. But my home isn't big enough to hold two, so there was only one thing […]

A Corner Vignette..and a new cottage lampshade!!

1929 charmer

Smiles Everyone, We started off our day with such beautiful weather! A very pleasant sunny 76° - Yippee!!! I sat a while in my garden, listening to the birds, and sipping tea. I wanted to sit out there all day,  and do nothing. But I wanted to share with you my dining room corner vignette. […]

Hello Cutie – A Two Toned Looker!

1929 Charmer

Smiles Everyone, Been a busy bee transforming the Charmer in to a cottage dream... Actually I move more like a tortoise -  since retiring lost my drive. Slow and easy is more like it! This is our current buffet! Our last two buffets went bye bye - sold at my booth! The last one, so […]

Our Cottage Bookcase…looking Pretty!

1929 Charmer

  Smiles Everyone! Last week I shared how we took an ugly bookcase to a cottage charmer! Want to see how we transformed her? Check it out here! Isn't she pretty - she needs a little prettying up! I just love it, and pulled all rooms colors in. It look me about 4 hours before […]

How To Take an Ugly Bookcase To Cottage Charm!


Smiles, I'm still in the process of transforming our living area to a cottage style, hubs and I have been working on changing an old ugly bookcase in to a cottage one on a very frugal tight budget! Here's how the bookcase looked before we started (before room painted).. Yikes, that's an ugly bookcase don't […]

One way or another… Or listen closely!

1929 Cjharmer

Smiles, Our living area redo has been in progress for a while.. I was feeling confident - OK I'll admit it - I've been feeling pretty anxious about.. the direction I was going in.. Here was my inspiration board.. Once we completed the foyer... and started painting the main living area... It became clear I […]

Music To My Ears Mantel!


miles everyone, Been thinking about decorating  my mantel for the holidays.. Our walls are painted Merlot, so nothing seems to POP! I've been tossing around a while now painting the rooms a lighter color - to big a project to take on with the holidays. I thought of just painting above the fireplace, using wallpaper, […]