Out Junkin

Vintage English Dishes

It's been awhile since I've shared my out junkin treasures.  There seems to be a magnet on me for dishes and I just can't NOT buy them! Pretty amber glass salad plates...they are really nice and have a "bubble" pattern underneath.  I spent more than I usually do, but did, since I don't have a […]

Out Junkin

Vintage toolboxes and vintage fan

It's been a while since I've shared some of my junkin finds!  But that doesn't mean I haven't been out junkin!  Lately I've been trying to restrain myself since Mr. C has been complaining "WE HAVE NO PLACE TO PUT ALL THIS STUFF". I hate to admit it but he's right!  But how do you […]

Out junkin

Vintage white cabinets, table

You know me. . . . I love to go out junkin, a lot! I didn't want you to think I haven't been out junkin, I have, I just haven't posted my finds. Today I'm sharing a few finds with you...I've been to some of the best garage/barn sale e.ver this summer. All three pieces […]

Out Junkin

Limoge Frange Coronet tea pot

I don't know if you remember me sharing last week's out junkin finds?   It seemed like everywhere I thrifted I was running into vintage/cottage dishes.  Well, that trend continued! Lately when I walking into the thrift store I actually think to myself "I hope that aren't any dishes"! So you're probably expecting dishe? Your […]

Out Junkin….

blue tea pot

There's nothing I'd rather be doing than to be out junkin... Mr. Charmer tells me he thinks I'm a "junkin hoarder", I think he maybe right I will say one thing...all the finds I'm sharing with you today would not fall under junk. Did you ever notice when you head out junkin the first few […]

Cottage Tea Cups and A Coffee Pot

Bone China Tea Cup

Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live. (Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe) I was at GW the other day and found most of my Cottage Tea Cups and a Coffee Pot... The rose tea cup/pot is from Home Goods ($10) and lately I've been a fanatic I've about roses... and just couldn't pass […]

been junkin…


The Saturday before St. Valentine's a local high school, Evergreen Park High School, had its Annual Athletic Booster's Garage/Vintage Indoor Market. Well, I think by now, you know how much I like to have been junkin...and then sharing with you. Mr. Charmer and I got up early so we wouldn't miss anything. The market was […]

been junkin…

Bavaria Silver Overlay Porcelain set

Hello Everyone! It's so great to get out doing something I love....been junkin! I haven't been able to drive since last April (I did drive 2 miles today!) so Mr. Charmer has lovingly been driving me around!  He drives me to doctor visits, therapy anywhere I want to go....what a guy! The last two weeks […]

Out Junkin…

Oil Painting of Ducks

Hello all....had a few hours to head out the door to do one of my favorite things - out junkin! I find the best oil paintings at GW... this one of the ducks was just too cute to pass up.  It's speaks of spring and will be using in a vignette, $2.99 The stool was […]

Out Junkin..

Rose Tea Cup

Morning All.. Yesterday I had some time to head out junkin....so I did! One of my favorite thrift stores has become Savers, and there are several in the area that have opened. Most of my found treasures today are from Savers.  I was so happy when I spotted this desk chair, I've been looking for […]