Burlap Wreath Trimmed Drop Cloth Curtains!

Good Morning All!

Do you know what winter......

and Burlap Wreath Trimmed Drop Cloth Curtains have in common?

Cold weather!

It's beautiful weather in IL., cooler and sunny. Soon bitter cold weather will be here and the Charmer's Spring/Summer curtains....

just aren't up to the task of keeping us warm!  The Charmer's windows are original to the house, 1929 single pane windows.  There are times we swear we can feel the wind blowing right through.  Mr. Charmer won't let the thermostat go higher than 70°!

So I needed to winterize our curtains. I can't tell you how long I looked for fabric,  at the right price of $100 for 7 large windows. The only material that fell in this range was... drop cloths.

I've seen them all over blogland, but being a lover of color I worried if they would be too plain for me (no judgement here).  Unless I wanted to dye all the drop cloths (which I didn't) the curtains would need to be fancied up a bit.

My inspiration came from all the burlap wreaths I've seen been seeing.

Are you curious to see more?

Want to see a little more?

I used tension rods so you can position them at any  height you want...

I just love them, and the flexibility they provide. Tension rod were used to hang the curtains so I can play with the placement, up, down, open or not.    Dropping them allows the sun and it's warm air to come in..

I move them up at night to cover the whole window. I've always wanted full length curtains...

but these two very wide heat ducks located in the baseboard trim would block the heat/cool air. Another no no for Mr. Charmer!

If you don't  like changing things up as much as me, you could just use a burlap tie to let in daylight.

A close up of the burlap wreath trim which I made out of Outdoor Landscape Burlap.

Love how they look in the room, and will be so much easier to decorate for the holidays with the lighter drapes.

Did I say how much I really like them?   Hope you don't  mind I still have more photos to share...

A   simple vignette.

I'll be posting the tutorial for the curtains in a few days.

What curtains have you been making?

Savvy Southern Style

Between Naps On The Porch



  1. They look really good, and I know you saved a lot of money. I was looking at curtains recently at Target and they were nearly $40 for one panel ... not one window, just one panel! Crazy! The ruffles on yours look great.

    • I did save a lot of money, only way I could of done the curtains. After pricing fabric, I can understand what they charge!

    • I love these curtains. Can you tell me how to make the burlap ruffle and attach it to the curtain. Are you using a rod pocket for the drop cloth? Please and thank you.

  2. Hi Cathy. I love the curtains. I know what you mean about old windows letting in the air. Most of ours are original to the Cottage from 1879., and only covered by lace. But, I wouldn't have them any other way. We just crank up the heat and pay the bill!! I am now working on a covering drape for shelves with drop cloths. I haven't started sewing yet and they wont be as fancy as yours, but I'm anxious to get started. I might rethink though because I do love the burlap ribbon trim..Have a great Thanksgiving with your family..Happy Sunday ..Judy

  3. Very pretty, Cathy! The buralp is a pretty way to dress up the dropcloth. I used to hang curtains in my dining room the same way, but more for privacy since the front door walkway was right out these windows.

  4. I love the curtains, and I also LOVE that burlap lampshade!

  5. I love your curtains, and the burlap trim makes them so pretty! I live in an old house, our tax bill says it dates back to 1850. Our windows are not all the same and are all in need of replacing. We have 3 in our living room and 2 in our adjacent dining room. That's a lot of windows to buy curtains for and I just can't spend that kind of money. I'll have to give some thought to your idea of drop cloths, yours look so nice.

    • Wow a house from 1850 is so darn cool, and you do have a lot of windows! Once the drop cloths are washed (I washed twice with 1/2 cup baking soda to soften) they really look nice a nice cotton/linen look. Give them a try.

  6. Wow, I love these completely, totally and best of all! So creative and versatile.

    • I got a creative moment seeing all the burlap wreaths. When I started I didn't know if they would look stupid or not? but I am happy how they turned out. So glad you like them.

  7. I'm so happy for you that you found the Thanksgiving plates! What's the chances of that happening.
    I have a white ceramic sled like that, I found it at GW a few years ago, I'll have to look at it when the decorations come up from the basement:)

    • I was so happy I found them too - it was a lucky day for me! They are sitting on my dinning room table looking oh so pretty! I can't wait to use my sleight at Christmas, so bring it up from your basement and use in a vignette.

  8. Those look fantastic and perfectly in keeping with your home.

  9. Julie Sorenson says:

    I love what you did for your curtains. I am not in the know. What is drop cloth and where do you find it? And is it white or a cream color. It looks white on the photo which I love.
    Thank you

    • Drop cloths are what painters use to protect floors while they are painting. You can buy them at
      Lowes or Home Depot. I made curtains for our patio with them. Mine are so long I didn't think of
      washing them although they really need it. I could probably take them to a commercial laundry to do it.

    • Drop cloths are very popular across blogland to make slipcovers, curtains, banners etc.

      Once washed, I washed mine twice and added 1/2 cup baking soda to the wash to soften them, look like a very nice cotton/linen. They also have a great "weight" to them. They are also very inexpensive, a 6x9 cost me $11.oo.

      The ones I used are from Lowes, I think them the best, they are not white, more a cream. They are carried at Ace hardware, home depot, paint stores, maybe kmart.

  10. Well, now aren't those just the cutest things ever?!
    I have drop cloth curtains for much of the same reason--1) Comfort (winter time and summer)
    2) Price.
    But mine aren't as cute as yours! I have a Green panel at the bottom for summer time and at the TOP for winter time. I just use the little ring clips and flip them!
    I might need to spruce these up a bit; because your's are just so darn cute!
    ~via Knick of Time Tues. --Pat

    • They are cute and formal all at the same time. Yours sounds nice with the green panels. The ring clips wouldn't have worked for this project, but it is very easy to take off.

  11. These look stunning! What a great idea for that room!

  12. WHat a fantastic idea. I love how you dressed them up with the burlap. They really look great in your room!

  13. Cathy, these look great. I like to use the garden burlap too. It's loose and easy to work with.
    Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Sarah

  14. What beautiful new drapes you created out of the drop cloths, and I love the burlap ruffles along the top! I love curtains on tension rods--it makes everything so easy to change out and position just where you want them. Hope that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  15. Cathy,
    Drop~cloth curtains look adorable in your dining room!
    I have made a few tablecloths for a booth space with drop~cloths and am thinking of re~covering a chair in my Art Studio after the first of the year, as well! I'll be back to take a look at your tutorial in the future! Thanks for sharing! Visiting from Debra's @ Common Ground!!!

  16. How BEAUTIFUL! I am so impressed!! What an incredibly great idea! I want some too 😉

  17. Cathy - I love your curtains!! I have not been too attracted to the plain drop cloth curtains because they are so plain. But, I love what you did to them. Really spruced them up. Great job!!


  18. I'm just about to make dropcloth drapes for a room that has so many windows that the cost of fabric is a major factor. Plain cotton dropcloths, with their nubby weave is perfect for a natural look. Love how you trimmed your's! ~Maureen

  19. so creatively perfect! you've combined all my favorite things.

  20. The drop cloths are perfect for your dining room. I currently have a drop cloth covering my slab roller (for clay work) which has to live in my china room. Covered, the table works perfectly for staging when I'm pulling dishes to plan a tablescape design and looks quite nice in my room. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  21. Love this idea! I am redoing my master soon and these curtains would be perfect in there. Visiting from FNF.


  22. Elisa Kelley says:

    These are just beautiful!!!! I love the burlap trip on them! Did you sew the burlap onto the drape cloth? If so, how did you scrunch it up like that? I love the look!

  23. Wow! That really gives them so much dramatic appeal. Great idea, Cathy!

    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create!
    <3 Christina

  24. These are so beautiful! We just purchased a 44 year old home...that hasn't been updated in...44 years! That's a lot of windows to update and I have had my eye on drop cloth curtains but none as cute as yours, I will stay tuned for your tutorial...I have to know how you did the burlap, it really makes them so unique and so much personality. Love them!
    Crafty Hugs from your newest follower, and admirer,

  25. incredibly cute!! and functional.

    I'm hoping, with Pendra, that there will be a tutorial on the burlap part. =)


  26. What a great idea, they're adorable! I grew up in an 1840's farmhouse that had no insulation and really old windows, we froze all winter long!

  27. Cathy love this idea! Just saw Debra featured you as part of the top three! Congratulations! I can see why it was viewed so much! Those are so pretty.

  28. Great job on the curtains! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  29. your curtains are just the cutest! i really love how you added the burlap on the top. great idea on the tension rods...so you can move them up or down! i will have to remember that for future ideas.
    coming over from jennifer rizzo's linky party

  30. They are beautiful!

  31. Cathy
    I love the burlap curtains. I found your site because I was looking for a way to hang curtains to show of the beautiful craftsmanship of the molding around our windows. We are just now building the cabin of our dreams....a 15 year dream, but worth the wait. Can you tell me where I can find the instructions for the burlap topped curtains? thanks, Kathy

  32. I am trying to suscribe to your log but when i type in the code it never works HELP I want to make drop cloth curtains for my bow window Thanx Doris

  33. Searching the Internet for Burlap curtains and stumbled across your blog. They are gorgeous! If you or someone you know if that might be interested in making a custom order for me, please let me know. I cannot find anything as cute as these..not even on Etsy. Thanks, Stephanie

  34. do you put the curtain rod through the burlap

  35. Montana Autumn says:

    Good Morning! I just found this post on your drop cloth/burlap trim curtains this morning. I love them! I do not understand how to make the burlap ruffle. I have looked at several burlap wreath tutorials which just say to stuff loops of burlap through the sections of a wire wreath form. I must be missing something because I don't understand how the burlap 'stays put' and doesn't fall out.

    So my question is: Did you use some sort of form or did you hand stitch burlap into loops at the top of your curtain panel? Would you please add simple step-by-step instructions on the trim?

    Thanks so much and have a blessed Winter Solstice!

  36. Looking forward to the tutorial for the burlap drop clothe curtains. When do you think you'll be posting it?

  37. Did you wash the burlap? I was just wondering because it has a odor of its own.

  38. I would love to learn how to make this! Where would you find the drop cloth at?

  39. Cathy,
    Did you ever share the tutorial on these curtains? I would love them in my kitchen as well!


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