Been Junkin…

I needed a day out yesterday and decided to go..junkin...

Some of the treasures found..

Blue Onion Soup Tureen

Blue Onion Soup Tureen - $4.99. I already have the canister set, so this was a nice addition.

Vintage Glass Lamp

I feel in love this cute vintage lamp, the crystals alone were worth the cost, $10.00.  One thing I am is a succer for etched lamp and the glass shade is ever so pretty with a flower on it. She's already settled in, and it's so pretty lite up at night.

Chicken Salt and Pepper Shakert

A cute vintage chicken salt and pepper shaker, $2.99

Vintage cutting board

Old cutting board, once I got it home I realized someone made it from old wood.

Blue Grape Leaf Plates

I just can't pass up blue and white plates, grape vine plates made in Italy, GW..49¢ each.

Half Ladder

Half a ladder, I have plans for this baby.  I thought of 3 different place I can use it at.

Cardinal Plate

Pretty Cardinal Plate, 99¢

My last find were freebies...

Old Windows

My next door neighbor, Linda, was having her basement windows replaced, so I took all the old ones, there are 7 of them.  Don't know what I'll do with them but I surely couldn't pass them up.  Mr. Charmer on the other hand gave me one of those "looks.

Have you found any great treasures lately!



  1. I made a trip to Goodwill yesterday with my daughter, Cathy. It was na "I need to get out of this house" trip and I did find a few things. Love your finds! That lamp with the crystals and those blue and white dishes are great. I'm on the look out for some tureens because I want to add them over one section of cabinets in the kitchen. Of course, when I'm looking for something specific I don't find it.

  2. I love the wooden finds--the ladder is gorgeous, and the hand-made cutting board is lovely! I have an idea for the old storm windows--you can get Krylon looking glass spray (here's the webpage ) and apply it to the back of the windows to make really interesting mirrors... Just a thought :-)

  3. Great finds, as usual! And great minds must think alike because I had the need to get out of the house today and go thrifting, too! I hit a new Savers store and got some lovely treasures. I'll be posting them later on my blog.

    I especially love that lamp with the crystals that you found. And those old windows? Well, I don't know what you'll do with so many of them - unless you have a nice garage sale, lol - but there's some good ideas out there on Pinterest.

  4. Great finds , Cathy!! I especially LOVE the cardinal plate and the lamp with the crystals!!


  5. I just stumbled into this post from looking at vintage S&P shakers. My mom had that same chicken when I was a little girl. Brought great memories back!

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