been junkin…

The Saturday before St. Valentine’s a local high school, Evergreen Park High School, had its Annual Athletic Booster’s Garage/Vintage Indoor Market.

Everygreen Park High School

Well, I think by now, you know how much I like to have been junkin…and then sharing with you.

Mr. Charmer and I got up early so we wouldn’t miss anything.


The market was in two large rooms, this one is obviously the gymnasium. Do you see the first table on the second row with the lace skirt, well if that women wasn’t standing in front you’d see my friend Pat.  You know, the greatest picker I’ve ever met!

The market was a mix of vintage and craft.


Down the first isle there was a table that had some great pieces.  I so fell in love with this chalk ware of Mary and child, love the color.  I though I would pick it up on my way out, you know what happened, it was gone! It’s one of those I “let it get away” heartaches.


I am a sucker for needlepoint pillows and bought this one for $5.00. The back is a beautiful blue velvet.


Walking around I spotted this table of vintage ornaments…and I bought two…


I’ve been on the look out for pink ornaments, and then I saw this kettle ornament that I have never seen before.  The pink one was $3 and the kettle $4.


Mr. C and I headed into the second room when I spotted…


a box on the floor with a sign on top of white dishes that said $4.00 for all.  Well I pulled that baby out and started checking out the dishes.  They were ironstone made in England!  There was only one dinner plate, but two beautiful oval serving dishes, 4 dessert plates, 2 large serving bowls and two tea cups and saucers.


I didn’t mind that there wasn’t more dinner plates because I have an almost exact set that does, I really wanted the serving dishes.  There’s two oval serving dishes, 1 medium and large one. This was so worth the $4.00.


Next I spotted two boxes full of vintage milk bottle.  A woman was going to take ALL of then and then didn’t.  I bought 4 – pint size for $3.o0 each.. and


four 1/2 pink bottles for $2.00 each.

I fell in love with a vintage rose picture, and even though the seller came down on price, our budget limit for the day was already hit.

I kept thinking about that rose picture, and why did I buy so many milk bottles, you know how it goes!

On Valentines day when I awoke Mr. C had the table by my chair all dressed up.  Roses, a card, balloon… and


yes, the vintage rose lithograph picture.   The signature on the bottom left corner HV. Whitroy.

I was jumping for joy!


it’s very old and the glass looked very dirty and as I started cleaning it I realized the “dirt” was on the inside.  When we took the picture apart the backing started to fall apart at one corner.  I was so worried we would rip the lithograph!

Whoever owned the photo was a heavy smoker and the glass was so dirty but the lithograph was in great condition!

Happy Valentines’ to me, thanks Mr. Charmer! What a guy!!!

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    I love to go to those school and church sales…such great stuff! That little kettle orny is sooo cute…love it! I think Mr Charmer is a keeper….how thoughtful to get you that picture! Hugs, Penny

  2. says

    I am so ready for spring and for the rummage sale season. It was so sweet of your Mr. to surprise you…those are the kind of things you’ll have and remember forever. Great finds, we like many of the same things, milk bottles, ironstone, and rescue pillows. I hate to walk past a pillow or other needlework, thinking of all the work involved. Thanks for visiting me…by comparison I have a preschool blog while you…Wow! Love, Penny

    • says

      I’m ready too, too much snow!!! Mr. C is a sweety and don’t know what I would do without him! I love needlework too, can’t pass them up! Your blog is one of my favs….

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    I like Mr. Charmer! What a great guy. The painting is beautiful! I love everything you found and I’m sorry I missed this event. Keep me posted! :)


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    Great treasures you found! I love the glass milk bottles. But my favorite of all is the lithograph and how your husband surprised you with it. What a sweet, romantic guy!

  5. says

    Oh, Cathy – I love all your finds!!! The rose picture hopefully makes up for missing out on the gorgeous Madonna/Jesus plaque! I wish there were some indoor garage sales around here! Stay warm!

    Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

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    Oh my goodness! Cathy you came home with wonderful treasures. I can’t wait until I’m able to do a little thrifting again. :)
    I’m looking forward to seeing your new treasures show up in your creative vignettes!!

    Thanks for linking up at Project Inspire{d}!!
    Hope your week is Extraordinary!

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