Autumn Porch


Have you ever experienced this?
My goal yesterday was to finish decorating the Mantel, and I did start on it.  But then I found myself going from the mantel to the dining room table to the porch. Once I realized I had three unfinished projects – -I concentrated on the one closest to being done.  Guess which one? Yep, the autumn porch!

My hubs was happy I headed outdoors because he is finishing the last window being renovated – and I was invading his space!  Now you know how much I love our Farmers Market and headed over to find some great pumpkins, gourds and flowers this morning.

This year I’ve been using thrift store oil paintings to decorate and if you’d like to see how I’ve used them here and here!

The ferns are still looking good for this late in the season so I left them. Except for the pumpkins/gourds everything I used are from recent flea market or thrift stores.  I love the lavender mums, and mixed up various colors of the pumpkins/gourds.

I love old tool boxes and filled up with some pumpkins and Northern Sea Oats grass plume.

We haven’t had any problems with the squirrels eating our pumpkins since protecting them with spray paint.  The vine looked so good I didn’t have the heart to pull it out.

It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed sitting out here a bit.

It’s fun seeing all the different colors and sizes of the pumpkins, squashes and gourds. So much to chose from these days.

It is so much fun decorating for fall..

What fall decorating have you been doing?


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      I didn’t want to spend money on flowers that wouldn’t last that long, so I went with longer keeping pumpkins and gourds. I think I like it better than flowers. Glad you like!

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    Your porch is amazing! I love the window box and your pumpkins. I’ve never had trouble with the squirrels eating things but my MIL fusses! I’ll have to tell her your sneaky idea. :)

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    Oh Cathy…how I would so love to hang out on your porch! It is gorgeous and so festive…screams FALL! So cool how you incorporated the pretty picture in your design. I have white wicker and I was just today trying to think of how I could make it look more like autumn…you gave me the best ideas!
    Thanks for posting…have a wonderful weekend…on that flipping fabulous porch!

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    Your porch is awesome! I would never want to leave it. Your window box is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent. I am always so thrilled to have you share. HUGS

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    How nice of your husband to work on the window so you had a chance to just sit and enjoy this fantastic fall spot you’ve created…as well as go to the market. Sounds like a nice day and the porch is so inviting. I actually did start a tiny bit of fall decorating despite my plan not to bother. We ended up going to the pumpkin patch nearby and picking out a few a couple days ago. With my pickle sign on the wall, it’s all sort of working together to at least be a bit of a change from the norm anyway.

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      I didn’t want to leave the porch, it was such a beautiful day. I miss the extra space with nicer weather that we lose in cooler months! Hope you enjoyed your day at the pumpkin patch!

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    Hi Cathy. I have been one of your followers for some time but I could never get you on my blogroll, so I have missed so many of your posts. Well, finally, I figured it out and now I will be playing catchup. Your autumn porch is wonderful. I love the way you are using the paintings as part of the decorations. Never can have too many pumpkins..Happy Sunday..Judy

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    I am envious! Your porch is darling. I love how you have added the painting. Such a cute touch. I don’t think I could have a porch so cute, first I don’t have a very big porch, and second, I am afraid someone may take everything. Thank you for sharing your beautiful autumn porch. Karie

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    What a delightful porch! I love the thrifted painting! Wouldn’t have thought of getting that and using it in a vignette! Such a wonderful entrance! So glad I popped by to check it out!
    Happy Monday!

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    Hi Cathy, your porch is so wonderful, so many great elements out there! Love your window box, I’ll be featuring your post on Vintage Inspiration tomorrow. Thanks so much for joining in for the party!

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