Lilac At The Charmer

lilac in yellow vase

Last week our Miss Kim lilacs (dwarf) began blooming on the Charmer's south side.  Even though they bloomed a little later than usual they are still spectacular.  It was fun to clip and bring the blooms of lilac in the Charmer. Related Tags:

MG Series: Prune Now For More Fall Blooms


It's late Spring and I'm already thinking about my gardens Fall blooms (perennials).  Why? Because what I do now will give me compact flowering plants in Fall such as Asters, Sedum and Chrysanthemums! For behold the winter is passed;the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing come, […]

Honey Soy Chicken

Baked Honey Soy Chicken

Hello all, thanks so much for being here visiting! Yesterday and today it's been sunny and beautiful in IL. I've wanted to be outside  working in the garden but my back has other ideas! It's has gotten better since I read an article that offered some great tips. I've had the heating pad on it […]

Exciting News and Others Things

Vintage Dish with Lid

While I was sitting out side on the porch writing a post, because I can't do much anything else with my back issue, I see an email come in from Better homes and Gardens. My first thought was that it was about renewing my subscription.  I clicked on the email and started reading it... "Hi […]

MG Series: Hydrangea Care and Pruning

Everlasting Forever Hydrangea

Last week I started working on designing the front gardens of the church I attend. The beds are not that large but one bed has many undesirable elements (plagues that can't be covered, a HUGE memorial stone of a founding founder and a few more).   I'm also donating all the herbaceous plants and the […]

A New Cottage Blue Color In the Kitchen

cottage tea cups, Lilly of the valley

I've been ready for a color change in the kitchen for the longest time.  I procrastinate about it because I have the hardest time picking our the "perfect" color.  In our upstairs bedroom at one point I've had 8 different sample colors on the walls.  Sometimes I want to go back to the days of […]

Out In The Front Yard And Out Greenhouse

hostas, ferns, sweet woodruff, creeping jenny, crap apple tree

The rain has been falling the last few days, some light gentle rains, and some severe storms the other night.  With the generous amount of rain everything in the gardens is are the weeds:-{.  Yesterday and today it stopped raining long enough for me to catch up on some weeding in the front yard […]

Roasted Cornish Game Hens

roasted rock cornish hens

For Mother's day I wanted a simple yet elegant meal but didn't want to spend a lot of my time cooking.   One thing is for sure, I always want great tasting food!  There are many things about food/cooking that I am in love with, one of them is how special it can make us […]

If Apple MacBook Pro Is So Great….

Apple MacBook Pro

I've never considered myself a lucky person! I've accepted that fact over the years and try and just go with it.  It seems to me that if something is not going to go right, it will happen to me -; Now I rarely do posts that are what I consider to be "whining".  We all […]

Shades Of Violet Flowers And A Vignette

vintage tea cup and plate

In the early morning I like to walk about in my gardens and as I heading out the front door I noticed several  shades of Spring violet flowers. The flower box outside our front door houses some pansies.. Related Tags: