Easy Cranberry Salsa Appetizer

cranberry jalapeno salsa

Thanksgiving is only two days away...time crunch is on! If you need an easy cranberry salsa appetizer this one would fit the bill. Cranberry Salsa served on crostini with Goat Cheese The recipe is easy to vary up!  Use either goat or cream cheese  and serve on crostini or with crackers. This is also a […]

Fall Dinner With Friends

Fall Tablescape

Last Saturday night we had friends, Vince and Rosemarie,  over for a fall dinner with friends. After dinner we went to St. Albert's to  see an Elvis impersonator, Rick Saucedo.  It was a good time, and I actually enjoyed the act before, The Legacy Andrew Sisters Girls.  They were really good...and if you closed your […]

Secrets From A Chef: Thanksgiving Cooking Schedule


The hardest part of any meal is having  everything ready at the same time. Creating a cooking schedule is what will ensure this will happen. I've provided recipes, but you could also swap out with you own. This post has ALL  the recipes needed in PDF format: Thanksgiving Recipes This Weekend 1) Buy your turkey […]

Secret’s From A Chef: Thanksgiving Recipes


Earlier this morning I provided many options for  Thanksgiving dinner... If you've missed any part of the series you can find this by clicking: Fundamentals, Turkey Talkin & Nuts, Menu and recipes for Pumpkin Bruschetta. This post provides all the recipes...and tomorrow the time line to prepare everything for a less stressful Thanksgiving. First let's […]

Secrets From A Chef: Thanksgiving Menu


Silly me! One great thing about being retired is not being on anyone else schedule. One negative is I lose the sense of time...this whole week I thought Thanksgiving was in TWO weeks! Only today did I realize it's next Thursday:-{ How about, if you notice I'm behind, send me an email to remind me! […]

Pumpkin Bruschetta

Pumpkin Bruschetta

In my professional chef's business I was known as the "Queen of Appetizers"!  I happily accepted the title because I love making appetizers.   I love all the different yummy bites one can come up with. Since it's still pumpkin season I wanted to make an appetizer using it....how about Pumpkin Bruschetta! I worried about how […]

I Remember Mama


As a child there was one movie that stands out in my mind...I Remember Mama! Its appeal was the "home" life I wish I had as a child.  A loving home and a safe environment. I longed for this kind of  childhood...but it was far from it. I have the movie, and watch it often, […]

Fall Around The Charmer

Fall Vignette

The last week and a half has been as hectic as hectic can be!  The antique mall I'm at, Indian Oaks, had their Holiday Open house this weekend.  I spent the week re-arranging my booth and decorating for the holidays!  I also worked at the shop over the weekend since it's a very busy time […]

Secrets From A Chef’s Kitchen – Turkey Thinkin and Nuts


This the second part in the series Secrets From A Chef's Kitchen. Part one was on Holiday Party Fundamentals. Today's series was to be on Thanksgiving Menu Timetable! But I felt under the weather today and changed the Secrets From A Chef's Kitchen - Turkey Thinkin and Nuts instead.  Timetable to follow Thursday. This post […]

Secrets From A Chef’s Kitchen – Holiday Party Fundamentals

Holiday Planning

You might not know this about me but before I retired and became a blogger I was a chef  and owned a Personal Chef Business. My professional photo. The other night, realizing the holidays are fast approaching, I thought I could share some helpful information I've learned in throwing parties.  Since the holidays are fast […]

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