Cuban Mojo Cube Steaks

Cuban Mojo Cube Steaks

I've been craving Latin food lately, last week I made Latin Pot Roast, and last night I made Cuban Mojo Cube Steak. Cuban Mojo Sauce is an authentic garlicky citrus sauce used in popular dishes as on sandwiches, boiled yucca, grilled seafood and meats, fried green plantain chips (tostones) and more. Authentic mojo uses sour […]

Computer Saga Continues

Pulling out hair

The week before last I was typing away on my computer when I knocked over a  full 32oz glass of ice tea on my laptop keyboard. This event is when my computer saga began...I think this might explain how I felt...

MG Series: Clematis Care & Pruning

Clematis jackmanii "superba"

Today's Mastering Gardening Series is about Clematis care and pruning.  Clematis is one of my favorite climbing vines.  If you don't have a trellis Clematis is great planted at the base of a small tree or shrub. like a clematis she withers after August is reborn next May Daniele Bios

Spring Buffet Vignette

pair of white ducks

One area I always enjoy decorating is our buffet.  Perhaps you might not know, but, this is the fourth buffet we've had!  If you like to see two before (don't have photos for first one) click here and here.  I've had my Spring Buffet Vignette done for a while and just now getting to sharing […]

Ham and Barley Risotto

Ham and Barley Risotto

Last week for Easter I made two main dishes, ham and lamb.  When I cook I like to make larger portions then needed.  Why, because it's smart and its frugal too!  There are so many great ways to use leftovers, especially for ham. Then we're left with a great ham bone perfect for soup. The […]

MG Series: Its All In The Soil

good soil

Many years ago, when Mr. C and I were going to have a garden wedding, so it was kind of essential that gardens were created in our yard:-(. I didn't read any gardening books because it all seemed so obvious. Get rid of that grass and plant your seeds and plants in the dirt underneath. […]

Overload And Signs Of Spring

Narcissus, Daffodil

Last week was a week that didn't go well...I spilled a huge glass of ice tea on my laptop:-{.  It has gone to laptop heaven....and I went out looking for a computer on Friday.  When I left I thought I was going to buy another windows laptop.  Somehow I left with a new Mac Pro? […]

Latin Beef Stew

Latin Beef Stew

Mr. C loves traditional comfort food, Chicken and Dumplings, Beef Stew and all the other ones.  I also like comfort food but I like to change it up a bit with new flavors, but keeping its classic appeal!  Mr. C wanted beef so I came up with Latin Beef Stew! It's always disappointing to me […]

It Followed Me Home Spring Door Vignette

Spring Tulip Basket

I was out for a walk the other day, and when heading back home, I felt something following me as I walked down the alley?  It wasn't real close to me, but, close enough for me to know it was there? Should I turn around and see who it was, or should I high tail […]

Spring Vignettes

rose soup tureen, porcelain birds, milk glass

I love vintage soup tureens so when I spotted two floral cottagey ones I grabbed them right up!  My dinning room corner cabinet was the perfect spot to show case them in spring vignettes. Here they are in streaming early morning light.... This is my absolute favorite floral soup tureen...made in England, W. H. Grindley, […]