The Very Bad Squirrel Brothers

1929 Charmer Deck

Do you remember me sharing a story about  Mr. Squirrel Jr. and his brother?  They are the cutest brothers who were born last year.  Mr. Charmer and I have enjoyed watching them grow. Introducing Mr. Squirrel Jr (his brother is identical), adorable!  But we knew from the start that they were trouble! If any of […]

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake {gluten, egg and diary free}

It's was a  beautiful day here, sunny and a little warmer.  Earlier this morning I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow Illinois blogger, Blondie @ Blondie's Journal.  I am a fan and a follower! We met at Starbucks and chatted endlessly for 3 hours. It was so comfortable chatting with her....and I am so […]

Sunday’s Best #60 Par.tay

Sunday's Best Par.tay

I'm so excited about today...for several reasons.... 1) it's suppose to be near 60 degrees today and I'm headed out to work in my garden....and 2) I can't wait to see all of your creative inspiration So welcome to Sunday's Best #60 Par.tay... I  enjoy seeing what you've been up to.... what creative inspiration you've […]

Out Junkin

Limoge Frange Coronet tea pot

I don't know if you remember me sharing last week's out junkin finds?   It seemed like everywhere I thrifted I was running into vintage/cottage dishes.  Well, that trend continued! Lately when I walking into the thrift store I actually think to myself "I hope that aren't any dishes"! So you're probably expecting dishe? Your […]

Wicked Witch of Waterlogue

Wicked Witch of the West

I've been PEA GREEN with envy seeing all the beautiful watercolor pictures on blog land! Everyday, everywhere I kept seeing watercolors and I was so envious!  Now that envy can rear it's ugly head and can make you think bad things! It's not been fun everywhere I visit to to see beautiful watercolors!  But I […]

Daffodil And Pansy Spring Vignette

Daffodi and Pansy Vignette

It was beautiful the last two days here in IL. Even though today is colder I'm staying in those moments of Spring.  Both Sunday and Monday I was out in my garden! This was very special since I wasn't able to work in my garden last year (sick)! Daffodils and pansies are Spring....last week I […]

Asian Ginger Pork Chops

Asian Ginger Pork Chops

Mr. Charmer loves pork of any kind, he eats it (I usually eat fish) at least 3 times a week.  Last week I had a craving for Asian Inspired Pork Chops. The pork chops have really great flavor and are quick to make.  You can make them outside on the grill or inside on a […]

I don’t care, if you want it, get it!

Ironstone Soup Tureen

It's 3:45 p.m, Mr. Charmer is saying "I don't care, if you want it, get it!  This is Mr. C's way of not making a decision.  He wants me to  make the decision!  Mr. C uses this tactic in case it doesn't work out...then it's not his fault. Does you husband do this too? Like […]

Vintage Tea Towel Banner Spring Mantel

Watercolor Pansiy Picture

Pansies come to mind when I think of Spring because they are a great cold hardy flower for IL.  It's typically one of the first flowers planted in our flower box outside the front door.   The last few years while thrifting I've kept an eye out for some pansy dishes.  I've only been able to […]

Out Junkin….

blue tea pot

There's nothing I'd rather be doing than to be out junkin... Mr. Charmer tells me he thinks I'm a "junkin hoarder", I think he maybe right I will say one thing...all the finds I'm sharing with you today would not fall under junk. Did you ever notice when you head out junkin the first few […]