German Potato Salad

German Potato Salad

Wishing you a happy Halloween! The monthly Sunday's Best link up is this Sunday, 4:00 pm (central) hope to see you! After last Sunday's service a luncheon was held for our new youth director.  The church always provides the "main" entree and the sides/desserts are provided by the parishioners. My task...a side dish...with the weather […]

Natural Fall Wreath

Dried Flower Seed Heads

As I walked through my gardens this morning I started collecting some dried plant seed heads.  There was so much to collect that I headed inside to make a natural fall wreath with it. I gathered seed heads from one of my most favorite flowers... Queen of the Prairie just forming her fresh flower head […]

Late October Gardens

Your spend the whole day their waiting...waiting to see if your called...waitin just a waitin.

Do you know where I am today?  Guess, go ahead and guess? Sitting at Cook Country Circuit Court on jury duty!  You spend the whole day waitin...waitin to see if your called...waitin just a waitin if you'll be assigned to a case. Early afternoon I was called to "interview" for jury selection.    Happily I was […]

Autumn Buffet

blue onion soup tureen, fall leaves

Changing colored leaves Jack O'Lanterns glowing bright Starry Autumn night Sounds like the kind of fall we are having in IL. The weather this week has been,  I made new fall "rustic elegance" (according to a a blog follower), curtains for our living area. Once the curtains were finally done I was inspired to […]

Our Fall Mantel

Our Fall Mantel

I feel I need to warn you guys...why?  Cause there's a whole lot of  fallishness coming your way the next week.  The photos are taken and posts have been written to share how cute the Charmer looks dressed up in fall. I always like to do my mantel first...well that's not exactly true...I have to […]

How to Make Inexpensive No Sew Fall Curtains

Burlap Landscape

I've seen so many beautiful fall curtains lately that it really got me wanting to make some for our living area.  I love my pinch pleated curtains but they are summery looking. But I found a great way on how to make inexpensive No sew Fall Curtains! I wish we could hang our curtains outside […]

Monday Meanderings

Palos Country Club

Up until Saturday it was a very rainy and dreary week.  It's been in the 60's during the day (heat off) and drops really cool at night (heats on).  We have an electric fireplace in our bedroom that keeps us warm at night. You've seen me mention the barn sales I've been to this summer, […]

Autumn Front Porch

Pitch Fork with Fall Wreath

Hello, I'm so glad you're here.  I hope you all are having a beautiful Sunday. It finally stopped raining and the sun is shinning brightly along with some gorgeous weather. Now that October is in full swing I thought it was time for me to share our Autumn Front Porch.  If you'd like to see […]

Front Porch Fall Flower Containers

Fall Flower Box

I'm sure by now everyone has had their fall containers done for a few weeks.  Like I said, I'm always late.  But you know what's funny...I am never late for appointments, or meeting someone one.  But I always seem to be behind when it comes to blogging :-{. Today I headed over to Lowes to […]

Monday Meanderings

Heidi, Knitted cap

I know it's Tuesday...I forgot to "schedule" the post to go live yesterday! When I hit my blog this morning I noticed it was unpublished. Last week we had more beautiful sunny weather.  Perfect Fall weather...till yesterday, rain, rain and more rain.  After all the rain  must fall :-} I'm working my way through canning […]