Just Turn Around…

Baby Song Sparrow

Welcome Charmer friends.  There are times when all we need to do is turn around... The other day, while standing in my kitchen, looking out the window I started noticing all the activity going on in the sun garden.  It was early in the morning, dew was on the ground, and wildlife was all aflutter. I noticed […]

No Sew Cottage Style Lampshades

Vintage Lace Table Runner

Welcome Charmer friends!  Summer has been jam packed with projects!  The largest one, giving the Charmer a new look, is completely done, but it's been so hot I have't taken pictures :-{.  There's still two more projects going on, the craft room and the shasta trailer.  It feels like being on carousel in some ways […]

MG Series: Powdery Mildew

garden phlox

Hello Charmer friends......it is hot, hot, hot and humid the last few weeks.  As I walked my garden early this morning, before the bustle of the world invaded my ears, and the heat threw me inside, I gazed over my garden children to see how everyone's looking and feeling. As I walked through her I […]

Thrifted Floral Wall Gallery

pink rose oil painting

Hello Charming friends!  We've been busy working on our new baby Shasta.  We found some wood rot and an incredible ladybug infestation!  At least they were all dead!  I'll be posting soon about what we've been doing. Today I'm sharing my thrifted floral wall gallery.  Now, you all must know by now much I love thrifting...everytime I go […]

Cottage Garden Journal Mid July

flower box

Morning Charming friends!  We've been working on our new girl, our 1959 Shasta Trailer.  If you haven't seen her yet click here.  She's really in pretty good shape but some repair is needed. I took a few moments to take photos to share with you our cottage garden journal in mid-July.  It's almost the end […]

There’s A New Girl In Town….

Vintage Shasta Airflyte

Hello Charming friends!  Did you know there's a new girl in town? Just in case you don’t yet know it, I am a dreamer, and the fact that, 9 times out of 10 I go with my gut rather than logically making a plan means that a lot of Mr. C's and my most random […]

Pickles And Jam

rasberry jam

Hello Charming friends! Most of us wouldn't think about combining pickles and jam together...unless....someone is expecting!  Well, I'm well beyond that point, so no worries there.  You might wonder what pickles and jam have in common?  Canning!  It's the time of year where fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant at our farmer's markets to make our own […]

MG Series: Leafminer Insect


Hello Charming friends! With the weather we've been having, cooler and TONS of rain, I've been noticing a familiar insect in my garden.  It looks like this...

Relaxing On The Porch And Fresh Flowers

Garden flower arrangements

Hello Charming friends!  Today is a beautiful day, the sun is out and shinning brightly, and there's ever rustles and bustles of a lovely morning breeze, that shines crystal rays across my face.

Summer Mantel

vintage books and yellow vase

Hello Charming friends!  The re-staining of the house as been a long, hard, and body draining project! The good news, we are 99.5% done!  Gosh, it will be such a relief to finally start enjoying summer!  Last Thursday it rained all day and provided me the break for some play time! Play time is cooking, […]