Carmel Creek Goat's Milk Soap

An Independence Day Flea Market & Trip

On Thursday afternoon, about 3 p.m., we decided to go away for the weekend!

I had no idea where we were going so I Google searched “July 4th flea market, IL”.

The very first link to come up was “Towanda” Flea Market!  My first though was where the h..l is Towanda?

Towanda Water Tower

It lies between Normal and Bloomington, IL.  A little less than a 2 hour trip.

Turns out Towanda’s flea market has been held on the 4th of July since 1968! The town’s population if 550 citizens and the fair is a community event.  The flea  market evolved in to a 4th of July fair, with the flea market, parade, music and fire works, and I can attest to some great food!  The whole town helps to put on the fair.  On the 3rd their is a spaghetti dinner/dance.

Gosh, another flea market I’ve never heard of before?  It’s a nice sized flea market with more than 200 dealers from all over the country. Dealers come from Michigan, Texas, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri and Tennessee.  The crowd is estimated at over 5,000 people and there is no admission charge for us buyers or lookers!

Towanda, IL Home

The town is small, and the streets crowded, so I was only able to photo one home, a cute farmhouse.

The Towanda Flea Market was our weekend’s starting point. Whenever Mr. C and I travel we stay at B&B’s.  We prefer B&B’s for several reasons: nicer than a hotel; usually less expensive, you typically are served a full homemade breakfast and it’s nice to socialize within a smaller setting (remember I don’t like crowds!)

After a little bit of searching I came across The Greenhouse B&B, Kempton, IL.

The Greenhouse B&B

The  Greenhouse is a 1900’s vintage farmhouse on a two-acre farmstead. More on our stay later.

We packed Thursday night, and headed out the morning of July4th for the flea market.

The weather and sky were beautiful…

Illinois Sky

As soon as we got there I was ready to hit the flea market.

Towanda Flea Market

The flea market had a great feel to it, people friendly and smiling, a small town feel!

Towanda Flea Market

It was a very nice flea market and enjoyed socially with everyone.

I didn’t buy much, I haven’t shared with you yet The Best Garage Sale,  and spent quite a bit there so I felt guilty to buy anything!

Cast Iron Candlesticks

Cast Iron Candlesticks

Vintage Rose Plate

Vintage Rose Plate

Rooster Planter

A cute vintage Rooster wall planter

Vintage Chicken Toureen

Vintage rooster tureen

Vintage Muffin Tin

Vintage muffin tin

Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle

Vintage Amber Bottle

 Vintage amber bottle that needs a good bath!

Vintage Galvanized Gasoline Can

Vintage Galvanized Gasoline Can

I also bought some Goat’s Milk Soap and forgot to take a picture…

Carmel Creek Goat's Milk Soap

but it was from Carmel Creek, a lovely woman, and I bought many bars of Lavender soap.

I found several of the vendor’s to be higher prices, but there were several with the best low prices.

Tomorrow I’ll share our adventure’s  at The Greenhouse B&B!


  1. says

    I love your discoveries, Cathy. Especially love the vintage rose plate. I’m crazy for roses. Road trips are so much fun. Looks like you had a great time and the B&B looks perfect. Have a great week~ xxx ~ Nancy

  2. says

    I’d heard of the town of Towanda, but couldn’t have told you exactly where it was. Glad you had a nice weekend away and that you enjoyed the flea market. So all those beautiful treasures were from a garage sale?! I especially love the candlesticks and tureen. What do you plan on doing with the vintage muffin tin? I have one and I’m not sure what to do with it. At one time, I had votive candles in it and that looked really nice, but I didn’t have anywhere to put it. My mom used to have a wonderful business making and selling all-natural soaps, lotions, lip balm, etc. but she only does i on a small scale now.

  3. says

    Cathy…I am definitely putting this on my list of Summer Fun Excursions!! The market sounds so fun and I do think Mid westerner’s are always nice and polite. And we love B&B’s for the same reasons you and your hubby do. L0ve all your new treasures and really look forward to hearing more about the B&B tomorrow!

    Jane xx

  4. says

    Loved hearing about how you found the fleamarket… and I was curious if it was in Southern Illinois because I used to work for a TV station in Missouri that covered that area. Towanda sounds familiar!
    Love the rose plate (of course) and I am a huge fan of vintage!

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