I was born and raised in Northern Illinois and come from a very large family, 9 brothers and sisters (I'm right in the middle)

The last photo I can remember liking of myself was....
Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer
when I was five years old! This was one of my most favorite dresses.
In order for me open up and share a bit more about myself I have to feel, well, more comfortable...
Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer
There that helped...me at 62! ! This reflects who I am, a person who loves to joke around while enjoying life with a sense of humor.
1929 Charmer Deck
Let's sit on the deck and chat a bit!
My name is Cathy and I come from a very large family and I am the middle child of 10. I did not have an easy childhood and developed my sense of humor to survive those difficult years.
Wanda Blommaert
My Mom, Wanda, was the most influential, loving and creative woman in my life. Mom's creative spirit lives within me every day! Oh how I loved her!!!
It will be 16 years in September that I married my dear husband, Chaz. We had a garden wedding and I made all the food for 110 guests. Let me tell you that was the craziest thing I ever did. Talk about stress... being a bride and the Chef in one day!
A little bit about before I started blogging? I graduated from college with a Microbiology degree and my specialty was in Mycology (5th kingdom, fungus/mold). Fungus/mold are the coolest and some pretty amazing fungi. It was exciting for me since I am ravenously curious about nature.
Aren't they beautiful, the 1) Zycomycete; 2) Exophiala salmonis; and 3) penicillin (where the antibiotic came from). Every day I was privileged to view these beauties. I have a microscope at home, and I'll go for walks in the woods to collect specimens! I've been know to leave mold growing on food in the frig...so I can view them under the microscope. I know weird!
Mycology also lead me to the coolest position I ever had, I worked at Brookfield's Zoo Laboratory. I shook hand with the apes, touch poisonous snakes, pick worms out of chimpanzee poop, etc. It was an exciting time since I love animals so.
Then a tragic event took place in our lives, my sister, Christine, died very young and unexpectedly of a major heart attack! This was the catalyst to do something I was passionate about. I quite my job, attended and graduated from Culinary School! After school I started my own Personal Chef business, It's Dinner Thyme, until I retired at 60.
My 1929 Charmer
A professional shot of me in my chef's jacket!
Whether I am cooking, gardening, baking, sewing or creating...I am enjoying it so. When I retired I needed another venue to share my passions and blogging has become this to me. As long as I am creating in some sort of way, I find my soul is happy.
I'm am a decoraholic, thriftaholic, stitchaholic and gardenaholic! No one should limit themselves to just one addiction! Go big I always say!
Another passion of my is gardening. I received a Master Gardener Certificate though the University of Illinois Master Gardening Program...
The Charmer Garden
1) The top two photo are our front garden; and 2) the bottom two are a few garden rooms in our back yard.
I hope you've enjoyed your time here getting to know a little bit more about me.
So glad you stopped by!