Thoughtful Neighbors and Adjusting….

It’s been a week of transitioning…to the loss and silence felt throughout our home with Bo’s passing. We are all adjusting to this loss, each in our own way. But our sweet Sugar is having a very hard time, Sugar and Bo were inseparable. She slept with him, would only drink from his water bowl, cleaned him and would rarely… Read More

In Memory: Laid Back Bo!

We knew it was coming, it was relentless, no matter how hard we fought it back, it would not give up its hold! Our beloved Laid Back Bo left us yesterday, this is my most favorite picture of Bo, we tried out a new hair do, and it suited him so well. Bo was a gentle, kind spirited dog, who… Read More

Valentine Vignette

A few weeks ago our next door neighbor, Linda, had her basement windows replaced.  I just happened to be walking by with Bo when a man was bringing seven windows to the dump pile.  Are you throwing those windows away I asked? He looked up, and with a pretty polish accent said Yes!  Can I have them? Sure, what are… Read More

Valentine Hearts…

Valentine’s is such an inspiring time, love, kisses, smiles, and knitting! I found a cute pattern for knitted hearts at Natural Suburbia and have been knitting my heart away! They are so cute and knit up in less than a 1/2 hour. Their also adorable hanging… Been enjoying knitting these cuties – my needles are calling me! Do you knit,… Read More

Valentine Hoop Art

I’ve been in a crafting mood lately and with Valentine’s right around the corner it’s been easy to become inspired.  I love all the hoop art you see across blogland and decided to make some Valentine Hoop Art. It’s a fun and easy project to do, plus I have so many hoops I’ve pick up at thrift stores. I have… Read More

Valentine Mug Hug

Mr. Charmer and I usually exchange smaller gifts for Valentine’s Day.  I used to do a lot of needlework – knitting, cross stitch and crewel -but haven’t in  a while. Giving/receiving a hand made gift is so special I decided to pulled out my knitting needles to make a few Valentine gifts for him. Mr. Charmer is a huge coffee… Read More

Penne Pasta and Light Brussel Sprout Ragu

With the new year having arrived we’ve been eating healthier.   We really eat very little processed or fast food.  Our only fast food  indulgence is a subway every now and then.  The hardest problem in incorporating more fruits and veggies. While surfing my favorite food blog, Skinny Taste, I found a recipe Penne Pasta with Ligth Brussel Sprout Ragu. My… Read More

Winter Buffet Vignette

Winter is my favorite season!  Whenever I say this I get the look, your know like I’m “nuts”.  But I truly do love the cold weather, snow on the ground and nesting in front of the fireplace. My father owed his own masonry business and we vacationed in winter….we went sledding, cross country skiing etc. So I’m not one who… Read More

Been Junkin…

I needed a day out yesterday and decided to go..junkin… Some of the treasures found.. Blue Onion Soup Tureen – $4.99. I already have the canister set, so this was a nice addition. I feel in love this cute vintage lamp, the crystals alone were worth the cost, $10.00.  One thing I am is a succer for etched lamp and… Read More

Pumpkin Seed Brittle

Last week while reading my new issue of Country Living Magazine a recipe caught my eye – Pumpkin Seed Brittle.  I love peanut brittle, but lately peanuts don’t agree with me, and this was a good option to still have brittle. It’s a quick and easy brittle too. Pumpkin Seed Brittle It tasted so good with a hot cup of… Read More

Winter Mantel

Usually at this time of year I’m stumped about what am I’m going to post about? I was thinking what’s wrong with me? everyone else seems to be able to come up with a great idea? I diverted my “blank” post problem to reading my Feedly Page (like Google reader) and the first post I read was Kim’s @ Savvy Southern… Read More

Slow Cooker Chicken a la Criolla

You might not know it, but I love Latin food. So when I find a new recipe that I can make in my slow cooker – well I just couldn’t find a reason not to.  Slow Cooker Chicken a la Criolla had me at hello. It has such great flavor and is healthy too. There isn’t anything I would change… Read More

A Little Help For Our Feathered Friends..

I hope you’ve all had a great New Year’s!  I don’t know about you, but I am always so glad when the holidays are over. Life can become calmer and  the house can get back to normal.   We spent the whole day upstairs taking down holiday decorations, cleaning and organizing. A few days ago the weather  turned colder, and we… Read More