Slow Cooker Fajitas (easy and good}


  It's a dreary and windy day, the leaves our neighbors never rake :-{ are blowing around and dancing about in the air. Lake Michigan is on a flood warning from Superstorm Sandy until early evening and the waves are more like an ocean instead of a lake.  It seemed like a perfect day to […]

Drop Leaf Dining Room Table and Chairs…


  We hubs finished the dining room window repairs last week.  The area rug was cleaned and the room is all dressed up for fall.  Isn't there's something missing? Where's the furniture?  I've we've tried out a minimum of 7 different sets in here over the years.  The Charmer doesn't have a family room and […]

Out ‘n’ About In The Neighborhood!

white horse

  I haven't been out much the last few weeks, been under the weather.  Today hubs and I headed out for an early dinner which unexpectedly turned into an "out 'n' about in the neighborhood excursion. We were headed to the restaurant, haven't been to in a while, and took a wrong turn. As we […]

Our Wooden Window Repairs Are Completed!

wood window repair, etched glass

Our main living area wooden window repairs are completed!  It is a tedious and time consuming job. So glad I didn't have to do it. My hubs is the man for the job, his idea of a fun time is re-piecing a plate that's scattered in to a thousand pieces.  I am the kind of […]

Simple Fall Leaf Art!

Simple Fall Leaf Art

  There is one spot in our main living area that just needed a little somthin Fall! So I decided to do a Fall Leaf Art project. The wall is small and part of the stairway.  The slightly opened door to the right provides us some much need storage space. I tried closing the door, […]

A Fall Corner Vignette

hydrangea under cloche

Morning, I've  been enjoying decorating our home for Fall, it is a beautiful season.  The weather has been perfect lately and has helped me stay in the spirit.   Today I did our fall corner vignette in our dining room by our fireplace. Here is how the corner looked before, a summer look.. I kept […]

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood!

Service Berry

Good Morning, It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and I'm almost back to normal!!! I'm looking outside from my front windows and see one of my favorite shrubs... Service Berry, a great 4 season shrub. She is in her Fall glory! I hope you all area enjoying your day and having a great weekend! […]

Slow Cooker Pork and Green Chile Stew

Pork and Green Chili Stew

Morning... My hubs been cooking for almost a week now (got a cold), and has started to give me that "you sure are  milking this" look. Sure am!!!!! This is the perfect time to pull a meal together using the slow cooker. I've been wanting to buy a new one for some time, ours is […]

I’ve Gotten a Whole Lot of Nothing Done…


Morning... If you didn't know I caught a really bad cold last Saturday, a bad one -the first day I went through 2 boxes of Puffs Plush! Not to be gross, but here's the bag sitting on the side of my bed! Eww!!!! I didn't get out of bed much and was going stir crazy […]

Dish.a.lic.ous Thrifting!

Blue dishes, ironstone

Morning, I've always loved dishes, been a dish girl for as long as I can remember!  My first set of dishes were from my ex mother-in-law back in the 70's.  I've never liked the set, it was way to "traditional" for me back then.  The funny thing is I've never broken a piece of that […]