Marinated Grilled Basil Flank Steak

Smiles Everyone! It’s hot, Hot, Hot here in Chicago land! It reached 100° today – so I wanted a quick and easy recipe for dinner. I’ve got tons of Basil out in my herb garden and a flank steak! With the staples on hand I came up with this recipe. Marinated Grilled Basil Flank Steak What you’ll  need: 1 1/2… Read More

The Haven Conference

Smiles Everyone, Last week I attended the Haven Conference, the first ever DIY themed blog conference. I arrived Friday afternoon, I wasn’t there long when I spotted Rhoda from Southern Hospitality. My legs started twitching, and she was gracious enough to stop and chat a bit.  She is as sweet as she seems on her blog. Friday evening was the… Read More

Lawn and Garden: Heat and Drought Care!

Smiles Everyone, We, in Illinois, are experiencing above average temperatures and below-average rainfall. Tomorrow we could be hitting 100°s with little rain in sight!!! With a weather forecast like this I start preparing my garden and hubs lawn for what is to come. When I took the Illinois Master Gardener training program we learned that deep and less frequent watering… Read More

Haven and Happy Birthday To Me!

  Smiles Everyone, I’m out here in GA at Haven, my room is fab.u.lous, Last night there was a great welcome reception.. A very fun night and met so many new bloggers, today classes begin and am so excited to be attending Oh, one other thing, I tried taking photos of myself, it’s not as easy as it  looks! I’ll… Read More

All Done Up and Off To Haven!

Smiles Everyone, Yesterday I got my hair done, bought a few  new tops got my nails done, bought a new pair of shoes got a pedicure and I’m off to Haven! I’m so darn nervous, but hope to meet others bloggers I have come to know in bloggy world.

Another Two Toned Buffet!

Smiles Everyone, About two weeks ago I shared our new Two Toned Buffet,  I also mentioned that there was another buffet sitting in the garage! I just love buffets, and when I spot a cutey I just can’t help myself. But my home isn’t big enough to hold two, so there was only one thing left to do – move… Read More

Baby Red Potato Salad!

Hello Everyone,   We’ve been experiencing the the warm days of summer – even if summer isn’t officially here yet…. it will be 90° on Sunday in Illinois :((( In our household we love any kind of potato salad, but in periods of high heat we prefer salads that are light on the mayonnaise. Being the mustard girl that I… Read More

Our Cottage Front Garden….

Smiles Everyone, I heart my garden. Gardening surrounds my soul with serenity. Thirteen years ago Mr. Charmer and I married.  We I decided to have a garden wedding.  We did NOT have a garden!  So off I went, planning, digging, planting and tending to what would soon turn in to a great passion of mine. As the years quickly passed… Read More

A Cottage Lampshade Slipcover Tutorial!

Happy Smiles Everyone, Today I’m sharing my tutorial on how to make a Cottage Lampshade Slipcover. Yesterday I shared with you our new dining room corner vignette that I showed the slipcover in.  The Slipcover is very quick and easy project that can be sewn or you could even use a hot glue gun. I came up with the idea… Read More

A Corner Vignette..and a new cottage lampshade!!

Smiles Everyone, We started off our day with such beautiful weather! A very pleasant sunny 76° – Yippee!!! I sat a while in my garden, listening to the birds, and sipping tea. I wanted to sit out there all day,  and do nothing. But I wanted to share with you my dining room corner vignette. Heres how the corner started,… Read More

Thursday’s Finds…

Smiles Everyone! Can’t wait to share with you some of last’s weeks finds! So here goes… I’m always looking for  wicker, this cute little chair was a garage sale find for $5.  She’s sitting in our bedroom! This gorgeous  chippy  fence, I’ve been looking for a fence part for over 4 years! I’ll be using it inside, a later post…. Read More

The Rooms of My Garden – The Dining Room!

Smiles Everyone, Last night was such a beautiful night we had dinner outside in the garden. Due to the layout of our lot, as I designed my garden, it naturally divided into “rooms”. In the back yard I have 5 rooms. Last week I showed you my secret garden room. Today I am sharing another room in my garden –… Read More