Laid Back Bo – Update!

Smiles, Bo has become sick once again, here! In the last few days we’ve gone through lab test, x-rays, ultrasounds, MRI and a spinal fluid analysis. Poor Bo is tuckered and so are we. Bo spent the night at the hospital preparing for the brain MRI and the spinal tap. Good news – a stroke and tumor were ruled out!… Read More

Laid Back Bo – Fighting for his life once again..

Smiles,   I just drove home from the long drive from the University of Illinois Veterinary Animal Hospital, heartbreaking for me to  leave our Bo once again. We almost lost Bo back in August, here, here, here from complications of a constricted spleen. and for several months Bo was making a really good recovery. but in the last few months… Read More

Main Living Area Redo: Curtain Inspiration…

Smiles,   I’ve been looking for some curtain inspiration for our living area updo. I wanted something with a cottagey feel.. and not to formal, or to casual. I found the inspiration I was looking for from some of these photos… Southern Living Retro Renovation Cote de Texas The Cottage Nest Retro Renovation Country Curtains Cottage Nest Have you been… Read More

Foyer: I’ve Seen The Light!

Smiles, We recently updated our foyer, check it out here! This little cutie is the original foyer light when The Charmer was built in 1929. Needs an update don’t you think? It was updated with this purty one – stained glass in all the right colors! Found it at Indian Oaks Antiqued Mall where my booth is. Here she is… Read More

The Blooms of Wisteria…

Smiles, The Wisteria in my garden is in her glorious bloom… Forming a canopy over the trellis, A side look.. Jetting out over the yard.. Underneath the Wisteria, looking up… Another look up.. The  trunk of the Wisteria.. Hanging over the pond… Encroaching on Miss Bloodgood Japanese Maple.. glorious blooms… Par.taying with: Fishtail Cottage

One way or another… Or listen closely!

Smiles, Our living area redo has been in progress for a while.. I was feeling confident – OK I’ll admit it – I’ve been feeling pretty anxious about.. the direction I was going in.. Here was my inspiration board.. Once we completed the foyer… and started painting the main living area… It became clear I needed to And head in… Read More

Living Area Redo: The Foyer

Smiles, We’ve been doing a Redo, Updo on our main living area! It’s been nearly 15 years – Wow, so time for a change. I started in our foyer. This is the first time I’ve treated the foyer as a separate area. In the past always painted it the same color as main area. It’s time time for a change,… Read More