Garden Thyme!

Smiles, Hubs and I  hit our first of the year rummage sales today. We hit our favorite breakfast spot. walked in our garden. Spring’s sure is in bloom… Fiddlehead Ferns – the furled fond of a young fern Flowering Crab Tree Pulmonaria – Lungwort (common name). About 14 years ago my BFF shared these from her old garden.  Now I… Read More

What’s Your Idea of a Small Foyer?

Smiles, Our living area redo is in it’s beginning stages most of the color scheme has been decided.. The first room were tacking is  our foyer. Now to say we have small foyer would be a stretch of the imagination.. So what’s your idea of a small foyer? I did a search on Google for “small foyer” for some inspiration….. Read More

It’s So Time: Main Living Area Redo Updo…

Smiles, such a long time coming 14 years to be exact that’s how long the color in our main living area has not changed don’t know why, change.a.phobia? but, I’ve taken the plunge there’s no turning back here’s my color inspiration main area paint color- Valspar Jekyll Crane Cottage Green Curtain fabric – Ralph Lauren Cottage Charm Accessories – blue… Read More

March’s Beauty of Cherry Blossoms

Smiles Everyone, Spring has arrived early this year marks the 100th year anniversary that the Cherry Blossom trees were donated to Washington by Tokyo Japan. Cherry Blossoms typically bloom this week (March 17 – 24) in Washington! Source Source Crowned 1939 Cherry Blossom Queen Betty Towsend – Source Cherry  Blossom Cake, Source Cherry Blossom Pillow Cherry Blossoms are beautiful, and… Read More

The Weather Outside Is Delightful!

Smiles, Yes, the weather outside is delightful, not cold and dreary – but sunny, bright and in the 70’s. It’s spring-ish! The weather has recharged my  energy level too! I’ve been one busy little girl. Started cleaning up some of  my gardens beds am so exciting to see new  green buds popping up Service Berry Buds Boxwood Sprouts Hydrangea Budsspring… Read More

I’ve Been Tagged!!!

Smiles Everyone, There’s a game going around town called tagged! I’ve been tagged by Maysem over at Ode to Inspiration. Thanks Maysem!!!! OK, some might think it’s a ponzi scheme! But I’ve never been one to miss doing the wave in a stadium, or dancing with a group of women I don’t know just  so I could keep dancing, or… Read More

7×7 Award!

Smiles Everyone,   One of the greatest pleasures in blogging is having another blogger name you 1 of their 7 Great Bloggers. That’s the honor Bleak 2 Unique gave to me! So it’s simple, I humbly accept her award. I have not heard of this award before, and really don’t know what it’s all about, but that really doesn’t matter… Read More

7 Day Spring Pillow Challenge – Day 2: Felt Petal Pillow

Smiles Everyone, Today is Day 2 of my self  inflicted 7 day pillow challenge… Yesterday I made a Spring Bird Pillow… Today’s pillow is a Spring Petal Pillow. The main fabric of the pillow is Osnaburg, and my pillow is a 15″ square. I cut my fabric 16″ x 16″. Next I made a  petal and stigma (center of flower)… Read More