Sunday’s Best Wrap Up Party!


Smiles Everyone, Welcome to Sunday's Best Wrap Up Party and Wishing you a .... Happy 2012! ------------------------- Sorry been missing in action this week, been under the weather! The highlights for this week are from Sunday's Best Party December 18th, and last week's Sunday's Best  features will be tomorrow along with the PARTY! ------------------------- Just […]

Looking Back on 2011!


Smiles Everyone, I'm sharing 8 of my posts from the first eight 8 months of blogging in 2011! Yikes! I can't believe it's been eight months already! Can it be! I still consider myself  a newbie  - still in the blogger honeymoon stage! My feet are doing a happy dance to share with you my […]

Merry Christmas!


Happy Holiday’s!


I hope that all of you are enjoying your holiday's with family and friends.  I am happily buzzing around my kitchen getting ready for all the festivities. I wish all of you the best that this season has to offer.

Sunday’s Best Holiday Party!


Smiles Everyone! and I'm having Sunday's Best Holiday Party today... Sunday' Best will resume at it's usual time next Sunday at 4:00 pm (central) This week there are rules, anything goes. Time got away from me during this hectic time, and didn't get to features. So last week's Sunday's Best party features will be shown […]

Holiday Kitchen Table


My kitchen always seem to be the last room I decorate for the holidays. I think I should make it the first since I  spend so much time here. I really don' t like anything on my counters... Up until we remodeled our kitchen I only had 4 feet of counter space... Yes, you read […]

Nooks and Cranny Cheer!


This holiday I've been filling every nook and cranny with holiday decorations. But our fireplace firebox was in a sorry state.. We patched and spray painted with high heat paint.. I started by putting in my little chair, when I though it will look to dark.. Hobby Lobby had this holiday paper and I decided […]

Some Loo Decor!


 I bet you don't want to see any more holiday glam...right? Sorry, ain't happening... Just finished holidizing the Loo - British for  bathroom.  Really like the the word Loo! When you're spending time in the Loo, it's nice to have something to look at... Nothing fancy... Just some simple decorations... To take your mind off […]

Holiday Buffet…


Just about have all my holiday decorations done. I just finished holidizing my buffet last night. So excited to show to you. I decided to dress the buffet very simply... I found some great grey/silver/white ornaments at Goodwill for $3.00, and a lovely silver and red cone tree.  So  my theme started from there. The […]

Poinsettia Wall Hanging!


I'm running behind on my holiday decorating - ugh! I always start early and feel I'm on top of it - then the next thing I know I've fallen behind. I have a wall really in need of some holiday cheer, and it needs to be a Quick, Easy, Frugal, already have materials type of […]