One, Or MaybeThe Other Friday!

   I couldn’t decide what I wanted Friday’s to be? What I mean is, did I want it to be Foodie Friday OR Fab Finds Friday. But nothing was happening. That’s been happening a lot lately.. So I guess something is HAPPENING! Well, OK, today will be .. BUT MIGHT NOT BE NEXT FRIDAY Cause I can’t decide! I can’t… Read More

Thrifty Tip Thursday!

Today’s Thrifty Tip is about saving……… on our grocery bills. How can we do this? Stretching out our food purchases  – by NOT throwing anything away! Have you even bought one of those fresh herb packets, in plastic containers, found in the produce department? If you found a packet of thyme for $2.00 (unlikely) in a 3/4 ounce packet –… Read More

Trash To Nightstands

Smiles Everyone! I’ve been looking for nightstands for our bedroom for a very long time. Well, the wait is finally over! Aren’t they cute (2 identical ones)? But, they weren’t what I had imagined!  We were driving down alleys (old part of town)  the night before garbage pickup when we spotted a vintage headboard that had cracked in half.  The… Read More

Fringed Burlap Tablecloth

  Hi Everyone! I really needed a Halloween Tablecloth for my kitchen… Here’s how I put together this quick and easy project. 38″ square burlap material (or whatever you fancy) 32″ square fall/Halloween material 1″ wide ribbon 1/4″ wide coordinating ribbon 1) Fringe, 2″ on all four edges of burlap by “pulling” the treads on each side. NOTE:  Save your… Read More

My Favorite Roasted Chicken

 One of my most favorite meals is Roasted Chicken. It is an easy weekday meal, as well as an elegant Sunday dinner! It is also consistently delicious. I have been making this recipe for years.  Please try it, I believe you will love it as much as I do!        

Windows Renovation and Undo – The Reveal

This has been a long arduous task… BUT – the results were so worth it. In the beginning – Part I – Dismantling and Part II – Reconditioning UG.LY trim (so sorry for quality) Then came sanding stripping, conditioning and staining. We hired a finishing carpenter to duplicate our homes original molding… So happy with the results. Since all of… Read More

Windows Renovation and Updo – Part 1: Dismantling

Seriously, we’ve gonna talk windows here.. WHY? because our windows are really in BAD shape. We’ve talking 90 year old, leaky windows, that have zillions of coats of paint Well. ..that’s not exactly true – MOST have paint – some spots NO paint at all. How bad can they be you say, really UGH.LY bad… See what I mean, UGH.LY,… Read More

Psst… did you hear?

Psst!!! Did you hear? Do YOU  know what’s happening on… You mean you haven’t heard? You don’t know about it…. Well you will soon, so keep your eyes and ears open!  

Ruffled Pumpkin….

Bought several pumpkins from Dollar Tree, Now what to do, what to do, Took me a long time before I decided on a pumpkin with ruffles… Isn’t it cute? Here’s how… Used a stencil knife to cut out the stem, then primed with white paint. Ripped 6, 1 1/4″ wide strips using Osnaburg muslin (love it, rips well) Gathered the… Read More

A Fall Hike and Visiting an Old Friend

It’s  been so hectic, Needed a break… So Mr. Charmer and I went for a hike… At the Palos Forest Preserve  – Tomahawk Slough—one of the loveliest little lakes in the entire region—feels far away from the bustle of our Midwestern megalopolis. We started heading West on the Yellow Trail…and we were getting close to Tomahawk Sough.  It’s was so… Read More

Dollar Store Fall Project

Strolled through the dollar store looking for some ideas for more fall project’s, and spotted these Shadow boxes? Then swung around to the floral section where I found.. Moss Roll, I didn’t know moss came on a roll?  Bamm!!  A light bulb moment! I decided to use the back side of the shadow box, stained the  sides and middle bar,… Read More

Thrift Store Frenchy Chairs

  Hi All, Scored two frenchy chairs from one of my favorite thrift stores for $10 bucks each! YEAH! I like how curvy they are! They’re in great condition and have nice detail at the top. After washing them down gave them two coats of primer. Next, two coats of Annie Sloan’s Old White.  I love the Old White, it… Read More