Signs of Fall!

Woke early this morning, it wasn’t raining, strolled my garden… Anemones Berries on a Porcelain Berry Vine Northern Sea Oats Plumes Sedum Chelome Chocolate Joe Pye Weed Hydrangea A weed My Mums aren’t in bloom yet, soon.   The Beauty of Fall!!! Linking to these par.tays… A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday

Two Easy, Peasy Fall Projects!

  Hi All, It’s been raining, raining and more rain this past week.  My fall allergies are in full swing, and my energy level is LOOOOOWWWW!  UGH! There, I got that out of the way! But I still wanted to get some fall projects done.  I love to sew, but just wasn’t happening! I just sat there, didn’t even turn… Read More

Something I Just Cooked Up!

  Hi All, Weather has cooled down in Illinois, leaves are changing and snuggle time is here once again!  All of this makes me want some of  my most favorite foods – soup! I love chickpeas! What can you do with chickpeas you ask?  Drain and sprinkle a little lemon juice and salt to eat as a snack.  Make hummus!… Read More

Dresser Updo!

  Found this dresser at SA, only $40.00. Even though she was in bad shape I knew she could be a looker!  I loved her legs! The drawers were really in bad shape, so Mr. Charmer got to work on them! Sanded her down. Primed her with two coats (this is after 1 coat). Mr. Charmer used his favorite new… Read More

Edge Leaf Pillow Tutorial

  Hi All, Yesterday I shared with you the tutorial for my  Flower Leaf Pillow! Gosh, why is it I don’t notice “things” in a photo until AFTER it’s been posted. I used this photo in yesterday’s tutorial, I just uploaded it when I noticed the clothes hanging over the banister.  You see them in the top right of the… Read More

Falling for Leaves Pillows

  Hi All, Every year as the day’s become shorter, weather becomes cooler, I start thinking about “nesting”, making our home cozy for the upcoming winter months. Our budget over the last few months has been feeling a bit of a pinch.  Partly due to adjusting to our retirement income and medical bills which hit us hard this summer.  That’s… Read More

Home Goods and Tar.jay Hunting!

  Hi Everyone! There was a smile on my face yesterday as I headed out the door to shop.  I decided to head out to two stores that I usually don’t go to. Home Goods was my first stop (newly opened)… Love cloche’s, this is my first non-glass cloche. What a cutie (couldn’t get his in focus?)   On sale for… Read More

Fall Vignette

  Just a few days ago we finished our buffet makeover. So happy how it turned out!  The “true” wall color is what you see on the left of the buffet.  Sometimes it shows a little neony? Some of the motivation to finish the buffet came from wanting to join in on Marty’s Stroll Thur Life – Tabletop Tuesday’s. I’m… Read More

Where’s The Legs!

Last November I scored a beautiful buffet at a local Salvation Army. Paid $100.00 for a vintage 1930’s solid wood buffet with gorgeous detail.   Even though she was nestled in a crowded room full of furniture I liked the “feel” of her and LOVED her legs (I’m a leg girl). We brought her home and moved her right into… Read More

America Remembers

Remember, Remember The Eleventh of September, The year: Two thousand and one Never forget the day, How we all felt Not only the horror Or our justified anger But how we came together As one nation Transformed

Porcelain Repairs

  Over the years I’ve run across some great porcelain pieces – many with a nick or two.  I’ve fallen in love with them even with their imperfections.   Let me share with you how I’ve been repairing them. I found this rooster…. He’s cute isn’t he. BUT I didn’t like his color, or the fact he had a few… Boo… Read More

Falling For Leaves

  I love fall, even though it ‘s not officially fall yet the weather is certainly acting like it – sunny days and cooler nights. With the cooler weather my energy level has really perked up, not a hot weather girl. The other night as I sat on the couch I knew I wanted to start a small, quick, and… Read More

Kickapoo Creek Wine Fest and Antiquing

  The wine industry in Illinois has grown significantly over the last 5 years.  There are over 200 vineyards and nearly 80 wineries, and 450 grape growers.  Illinois vineyards produce more than 500,000 gallons of wine each year, resulting in over $21 million dollars in sales! Boy, Illinois agriculture is so much more than corn and soybeans! Who knew! Last… Read More