I'm going out of town this weekend to the Kickapoo Creek Wine feast downstate with some of my sis.ters.  Were would I be without them... Time passes. Life happens. Distance separates. Children grow up. Jobs come and go. Love waxes and wanes. Men don't do what they're supposed to do. Hearts break. Parents die. Colleagues […]

Breakfast Nook Remodel


  Our kitchen was completely gutted two years ago (will post soon), a complete and total makeover. Three months of hell fun.  Since we're glutton's for punishment, we undertook another smaller kitchen remodel last November. Here's the breakfast nook before the remodel.  Hang on to your seats, this isn't pretty.     You were warned […]

Strawberry Fields Forever!


  Last week I was at  Aldi grocery store and headed over to the veggie/fruits section.  Carts and carts of strawberries were being wheeled out.  They were the best looking strawberries ever!    As I looked over them my mind immediately flashed back to the Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever....     It couldn't be […]

A Pencil Pleat Textured Pillow

Textured Pillow

  During the decorating phase of our deck project I wanted to incorporate some textured pillow.  I'll be making them a on a budget.  One day when I was at Hancock Fabric I was wandering around in the drapery section, and found Drapery Pencil Pleat Tape. Bingo - this would provide me the look I […]

I’m Going to Haven!


  I'm so excited.  I just signed up to go to Haven 2012.     I can't wait to meet everyone. Are you going?

The Deck Reveal!!!!!

1929 Charmer Deck

  The only easy part of our deck project was creating a Project  List. We were so excited as we moved in to Phrase One. We did a happy dance when we found the  Six Soldiers Standing in a row. Our feet stumbled when we encountered medical delays. At times, we often felt the […]

Estate Sale Goodies!!!


  With route in hand I headed out the door for my weekly Friday garage sale excursions! I've been feeling a little run down lately (not a hot weather girl) so I was only going to hit a few in my immediate area. After picking up an item or two I was thinking maybe I'll […]

Deck Linens…


For me the best part of any project begins, now! The part when you start pulling everything together. Pulling the colors, furniture, decorations, material and all the other finishing touches into a total look. I love this part! It's bringing the "you" to the project. I've spent the last two weeks returning linens, searching for […]

Deck Privacy Screen Tutorial


  Hi everyone, ...So, I've put together a tutorial (basic, my 1st one) for you.  I'll try and explain the process the best I can.  Being a newbie to blogging I realized I didn't take enough pictures (won't happen again?) on all the steps. Our deck sits 2 feet higher off the ground than our […]