Curtain Time!

  The deck project is currently on a roll after several delays.  The shutter privacy screen is in place and looking good if I say so myself! Yesterday and today I’ve been working on sewing/hanging the  drop cloth curtains. Here’s a sneak peak of one corner of the deck….   If you’ve been following our deck project here, here, and… Read More

Why the delay? And a Sneak Peek!!!!

  Hi All, Our deck project feels like it has been going on FOREVER and has FOUGHT us every step of the way!  We started back in mid-June by creating a Project List and we quickly began crossing off items from our list.  We always wanted the deck project to be on our top 10 list, but just never… Read More

The Comeback DOG!!!

  Last Wednesday night I thought I was facing the decision of whether or not to have Bo put down. He’s been very sick here and here.  After crying all night I decided to leave it in God’s hands. On Thursday morning Bo’s doctor, Dr. Herring told us they had put Bo on a new liver drug (late Wednesday) and… Read More

Medical Update on Bo

Hi all, Wanted to give everyone an update on our beloved Bo. He’s not doing well.  He had his spleen removed on  Saturday, and he is struggling! When we got Bo home late Sunday he was completely weak, unable to hold his head up, and didn’t move a muscle except a SLIGHT tail wag when we checked on him (very… Read More


  Late last night our beloved “Laid Back Bo” became very sick.     Walking became difficult and he was disoriented.  In the early morning he no longer was able to stand on his own, or with help, had no strength and was unresponsive.  As we carried Bo to our SUV I couldn’t help but worry if this might be… Read More

Sidewalk Sale Chair Makeover

Hello Everyone, There are so many projects going on behind the scenes of our BIG deck project (moving slooow). But I finally tackled painting these two chairs (been sitting laying around for 13 years).  Suggest you put on your sunglasses!     Sorry about the blinding sun, only picture I could find of them.  At the time I was going… Read More

6 Little Soldiers Standing In A Row….

Six little soldiers, Standing in a row. Three stood straight, And three stood so. Along came the captain And what do you think. They all stood straight, As quick as a wink? The Captain pulled a no-show so their leaning just a tad! The “shutter” soldiers were a find from CL, 20 buckaroo’s for all six of them.  We’re  using… Read More


Between June 11 and June 28th, 1976, Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence, and at once became the nation’s cherished symbol of liberty.  Let’s celebrate our PRIVILEGE of liberty by flying The American Flag………….     “I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS, ONE NATION UNDER… Read More