A Memorial Day Story

I read an article this morning that just touched my heart.... it is a story about a very special young man who is honoring our Fallen Heroes!   Ricky Gilleland, a 17 year old, is surrounded by tombstones just about every weekend.   He walks a cemetery looking for  individuals who have died in the […]

Pruning Climbing Roses

climbing rose

I just HEART climbing roses.  I also HEART how they bring "dept & height" (Verticality) to my smaller garden.  My rose family includes John Cabot, Don Juan and Climbing Pinata (don't those names sound so romantic!).  All climbing roses.  John Cabot has really done very well in my garden, so well that his vines have […]

Baked Brown Rice

brown rice

Five days ago we broke a record in Illinois, it was 90° (started using our grill)! Today it is 44°, windy, rainy and COLD (back to the oven)! I wanted to make brown rice but sometimes it can be hard to get the right consistency.  Too wet, too dry, too hard, to mushy! I've tried […]

Garden Thyme: Not My Miss Bloodgood!


Things have been pretty crazy around here and I haven't been able to focus on my beloved garden until this week.  As I was walking the grounds yard something just seemed off?  As I scanned the garden at ground level everything seemed OK (Oh boy, need to start weeding right now!). What is it? What's […]

Vertical Gardening!

Akebia Vine

In a small garden one must always think in terms of "vertical gardening".  Going vertical can bring dept, height and interest.  I have many different kinds of vines  in my garden, and one of my variate is Fiveleaf Akebia. Akebia, also known as chocolate vine, is either grown as a vine or as a ground-cover.  […]

I’m lovin this piece….


I've been looking for a dressing table for a long time. I just love them, and I don't even know if they are in "style" anymore or not...but to me there's something "Hollywood" and feminine about sitting at a dressing table. This is not the actual piece (didn't take a before picture) but is part […]

A little somethin’ somethin’


Get your mind out of the gutter! The little somethin' somethin' I'm talking about is for my front hall cabinet.  She just needed a little somethin' more. So I headed off to my trusty fabric "stash".  To be honest - I  am a fabric hoarder!   Sometimes think I need to be in a fabric "12" […]

It’s Never Too Late…….


I have been known to wait until the last minute to do things, and this Spring/Easter project is no exception.  To be honest this project was put together about 3 weeks ago.  Things have been a little crazy around here (all good) and I'll fill you in on the details soon. I wanted a budget […]

Front Hall Furniture Makeover…

painted humidor

I never seen to have enough storage space and the front foyer is no exception.   When you think of a "front hall or foyer" you'd probably have visions of grandeur, like this.... or this.... or even this......... If you think those foyers are grand just wait the best is yet to come. Now mind […]