It’s Still Winter Here!


I keep reading about how "warm" it is across blog land, but it's still winter here....UGH! It's been cold, damp and RAINY this week in Illinois and very little sun (see you can't even see the sun)! Just the other day we had snow on our rooftops and last night we dipped in to the […]

Love This BAD Boy!

Nikon Picture

The door bell rang, Bo's ears stood straight up and I thought who could that be?  My first thought was oh my gosh I look like good crap!  I slowly made my way to the front door hoping whoever was there would be gone before I got there. Peeped out front door window and didn't […]

My Mr. Knightley


All ladies need to have a Mr. Knightley in our lives, mine travels to an fro in between my home and garden.  He's very gallant and very dedicated wherever his post of "guard" happens to be! I found Mr. Knightley at a very large Illinois flea market - Kane County Flea Market.  He caught my […]

The Little Closet That Could……..

closet contents

If the Guinness World Book of Records has a "smallest closest" category 2 of mine would be listed! This is the second smallest closet in my home.  The Charmer is not a large home but suits Mr. Charmer and I just fine. This is how the closet looked initially.... We carefully placed everything from the […]

In the Beginning!

Sears "The Mitchell"

The Charmer was built in 1929 by Neal Terpstra.  Mr. Terpstra worked for the Sears building department and used the "Mitchell" architectural plans to build a spec home. "The Mitchell follows the latest English architecture with a touch of the popular California studio type.  Two gables, one higher then that other, bring out the beauty […]

Welcome to My 1929 Charmer!

My 1929 Charmer

No, I am not referring to my husband (he's not that old), but a great lady!  One who drew me in from the very first picture I saw of her ---- her door!  Yep, that's all I saw in the photo, that arched door, but what a door it is.  I immediately called my Realtor […]