Monday Meanderings

Up until Saturday it was a very rainy and dreary week.  It's been in the 60's during the day (heat off) and drops really cool at night (heats on).  We have an electric fireplace in our bedroom that keeps us warm at night.

You've seen me mention the barn sales I've been to this summer, well, four sisters were having another one Thursday.  Their barn sale is held 3 times a year, spring, summer and fall.  The summer sale was the first one I went to  and seemed so long till falls sale. I've been so excited about going Thursday that I  didn't "thrift" all month (well, just a little bit) to "save" money for this sale.

 At the  summer's sale there was a gate leg table I really wanted--but there was no way I could get it Mr. C's SUV-- it was filled to the top. I've been anticipating if it would be there again at the fall sale.

Vintage Gate Leg Table

It was...cell phone photo.  I just love it, it's bigger than my other two gate leg tables which gives me so much more table space. So, if anyone local is interested in a gate leg table I have two for sale!  Bringing home another table didn't make Mr. C happy.

I've been long overdue for a haircut, I usually go every 6-7 weeks but it's been over 2 months. On Sunday I attended a Christian Ladies Fall Brunch and I wanted to look my best.

Palos Country Club

It was held at Palos Community Country Club.  A beautiful club and the only other time I was there was over 40 years ago at my then husband's senior prom.  It really brought back a  lot of memories.  He was a good guy and I was just to young to realize it. Wherever he is I hope he's happy!

Palos Country Club

The food was very good and the centerpieces were raffled off.  I didn't win but the woman looking down, Eileen, did!

Girlfriends Guide To Grace

The theme of the brunch was "Girlfriends Guide to Grace".   The speaker, Jeralyn Thielan, was really good.  Jeralyn spoke about the Four Realities of Women 

1) We are emotional (gosh who knew)
2) Woman talk a lot.  In a single day we speak anywhere between 25,000 - 35,00o words a day.  Men talk only 7 - 10,00o a day.
3) We seek to "Do Life Together" (we go to the bathroom together, have you ever heard a man say to another man "do you want to go to the washroom with me?
4) Our Relationships are Contingent on our Emotions (how true)

Jeralyn also the Four Tendencies of Women

1) Inquiring Minds Want to Know
2) Misery Loves Company
3) React Rather than Respond
4) We Need to Be Responders

A large part was on our need to GOSSIP!  Yes we are gossipers..and how we have all gossiped and been hurt by others gossip. She shared some bible verses: Proverbs 10:19, 12:18, 18:8, Mathew 5:44 &18:15, Luke 6:45

We also hold on to "anger" and we need to just "Let It Be".  "Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die!" Verses for letting go Ephesians 4:26-27 and 4:32

Friends, Rosemarie (she went to brunch too) and her hubs, stopped over Saturday night for dessert.  After the brunch I was tired (too much good food) so I pulled together a quick Baked Apple dessert.  Photo not clear...dark in the kitchen.

Baked Apples

The apples were hot and the whipped cream started melting.

Honey-Walnut Baked Apples (8 servings)

I skinned/cored  and sliced 8 large apples (I had a variety from farmers market). Then I mixed together 1/4 cup honey, 1/2 brown sugar,  1 Tbsp. cinnamon, 1/4 tsp. nutmeg, 1/2 cup chopped walnuts (you could use raisins, pecans, dried cranberries or dried blueberries) and 1/2 cup butter.  Place applies in 9" baking dish, spread mixture over the top of applies and stir in. If I had any granola on hand I would of sprinkled on top.  Bake at 350° about 25-35 minutes.  I served with Coconut Whipped Cream.   Sooooooooooooooo simple and good!

I need to head into the kitchen to finish canning the remaining tomatoes sitting on kitchen floor, this will make Mr. C happy!

Have a great day!


Autumn Front Porch

Hello, I'm so glad you're here.  I hope you all are having a beautiful Sunday. It finally stopped raining and the sun is shinning brightly along with some gorgeous weather.

Now that October is in full swing I thought it was time for me to share our Autumn Front Porch.  If you'd like to see how you fallify your flower box and containers,  using sale priced "non-traditional" elements, click here.

Autumn Front Porch

Looking up at the porch through a crab apple tree in its fallified color.

Autumn Front Porch

Mums in galvanized buckets and pumpkins on the stairs.

Autumn Front Porch,Mum, Pumpkins

The leaves are dropping faster than I could pick up...and what's more fall than leaves! Mr. C  just made me the flower box.   The vintage picket fork was found at another barn sale on Thursday.  Just plopped a wreath on to it.

Autumn Front Porch

A little closer look.

Autumn Front Porch

Autumn Front Porch,Mum, Pumpkins

Maybe I've started a new trend, pitchfork wreath holders?

PItch Fork Wreath Holder

The Charmer's cute leaded glass window.

Autumn Front Porch,Mum, Pumpkins

The container was painted blue in Spring, click here to see what plants were used.

Autumn Flower Container

Below the container is a Spirea in its fall glory in an galvanized bucket which was on sale at Lowes for $1.75. Beautiful fall color!


Underneath the planter box are two white wicker chairs, the throw is an estate sale find and the pillow I made out of a 100% wool GW sweater.


A throw and crewel pillow from GW.

White Wicker Chair, fall throw and pillow

Swinging around back to the stairs is another Mum, pumpkins in a basket and a pair of rain boots with Mums stuffed inside.

  Mums, Pumpkins

Looking up the right stair side of porch.

Water Boot Container,pumpkins

Across from the wicker seating area, on the fireplace side, is a old window with a fall wreath.  There's a white metal glass top table with a wooden toolbox on top and Mums in side.

Autumn Porch

Above the table is a wall container..

Fall Wall Container

One of my favorite things on our Autumn Front Porch is this pitch fork with a wreath on it!  I just placed the wreath on the fork to get it up off the deck and decided it needed to stay there.

Pitch Fork with Fall Wreath

I know a LOT of photos!

What's your favorite thing used in your Fall decorating?


Front Porch Fall Flower Containers

Fall Flower Box

I'm sure by now everyone has had their fall containers done for a few weeks.  Like I said, I'm always late.  But you know what's funny...I am never late for appointments, or meeting someone one.  But I always seem to be behind when it comes to blogging :-{. Today I headed over to Lowes to […]

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Monday Meanderings

Heidi, Knitted cap

I know it's Tuesday...I forgot to "schedule" the post to go live yesterday! When I hit my blog this morning I noticed it was unpublished. Last week we had more beautiful sunny weather.  Perfect Fall weather...till yesterday, rain, rain and more rain.  After all the rain  must fall :-} I'm working my way through canning […]

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Sunday’s Soup

Beef and Cabbage Soup

I don't know if your old enough to remember the "Days of the Week" Panties? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on. When I was young, and wore the panties, I use to think about what would happen if I got caught wearing the "wrong" day? Well I never got caught...but I did feel a little […]

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The Deck Reveal!

The Deck Reveal

Well it's been a loooooooooong time coming! The deck reveal is finally being shared! It started when we decided to cover the patio--we had a Pergola built in 1999-- and enjoyed it so much, here.  But with Illinois weather, ever changing, we wanted to be able to sit outdoors rain or shine!  Our deck is […]

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Fall No Sew Owl Pillow

No Sew Owl Pillow

I'm bringing a little fall into the Charmer this season with an easy fall no sew Owl Pillow. You might not know this about me...but I am always running behind!  It's true, for someone who is retired, you'd think I wouldn't be behind!  Not happening. I actually have my fall mantel, buffet and deck all […]

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Early October Garden


The sun was pouring in through the windows...and it rained for 3 days before.  I felt the need to head out and see what's been going on and if anything made it through the hard rains. Several weeks ago we had a hard enough frost to kill all my Impatients so I wasn't able to […]

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Monday Meanderings

Homemade Ketchup

Last's week weather was on the chillier side, and a lot of rain, with days of  no sun.  On Saturday we turned on the furnace to take the chill off.  Yesterday and today the sun been out with Fall's beauty shinning through. Isn't it amazing how much better/happier you feel when the sun is out? […]

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Monthy Sunday’s Best #67 Party


Happy October...the beauty of Fall is all around us. This week the weather here as been rainy, cold and damp.  Mr. C finally hit on the heat yesterday. Our pond is still running so I am savoring the sounds of the waterfall. We usually shut the pond down just in the beginning of November. Last […]

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