Christmas In Our Master Bedroom And Dressing Room

I was planning on sharing our Cozy Christmas Kitchen with you, but to be honest I'm feeling a tad tired today.  There's so many photos (300) to edit that I switched gears and I'm sharing Christmas In Our Master Bedroom and Dressing Room.

It's feels funny to refer to our bedroom as our master bedroom!  When I think of master bedrooms I visualize a rather large room. My first marriage we had a "master" bedroom, we lived in a 3500 sq. ft. home and I was miserable! Not only in the relationship but I felt so out of place in a home house that large.  It just wasn't me!

We are slowly renovating the upstairs into a large master suite.  Right now, it's broken down into 4 rooms that we are converting into an open three room master suite.  So I can't share the whole room since I haven't yet shared the construction phase of the bedroom yet.

Christmas Master Bedroom, chenille bedspread, pillows

Our bedroom is tucked under a gable, and placing the bed in the corner really opens our bedroom up, even if you can't see it here.

christmas pillow cases and shams

The Christmas pillowcases and pillow shams were made a few years back.  The shams were made with a crushed velour fabric.

Tartan Throw, teapot, teacup

Looking across the bed to the window.  Below the window is my vintage bench, used as a side table, decorated in the Christmas spirit. Silly me, I just saw the Mrs. Meyers Window Spray bottle laying on the bed. How did I not notice this before? Seems perfect!

violin, clock, chenille bedspread

You know how I roll, everything thrift store treasures. The Chenille bedspread find for $10.00, oh before my 25% discount. The violin was on the ugliest picture I ever saw, but was only $5.  So I bought it, ripped off the violin, saved the frame and "donated" back the picture.

leaden glass window pane, stars

The other side of the room is a lead glass window pane from my Mama.  She gave me four and 3 stars were hung from it (this year's theme was stars). The tree is sitting on a vintage step stool ladder by a vintage chair.

vintage chair, mirror

A sitting area I often spend time reading and gazing out the window.

fireplace, needlepoint stocking

The other side of  our bedroom has a fireplace found at a thrift store. It came with the electric log heater.  We added the wooden medalines and painted it white, it was that typical orangey color from the 70's. The upstairs gets quite cold during the winter, and this heater is powerful enough to heat the entire upstairs.  We usually wake up and turn it off during the night since it does such a great job.

Both needlepoint stockings were found last week while thrifting. I love anything needlepoint!

leaden glass window pane, pink ornaments, red knitted star

On top of the fireplace is an old shutter piece was added and a candelabra with pink ornaments.  Another leaded glass panel from Mom and a knitted star tucked in front of the lead pane.

Besides the fireplace,

Joy wall plaque, wicker basket

I hung the Joy plagues I made a few years back. I've used them every year, but this year the wicker basket filled with fresh evergreen's from the yard was used for the o. It's been gloomy for over 12 days here in IL, and I used tripods with floods lights to get some photos. I need to work on not getting "shadows"?

Joy wall plaque, wicker basket

When I'm in bed this is the area I face.  It's a good thing! I think having the Joy plaques was appropriate for this room if you know where I'm going:-{

Dressing Room...

Right now the bathroom is the room next to our bedroom, then there are two other rooms down from the bathroom.  One room , which has an odd shape housing my dressing room, then a small area which we have our dressers in, and next to that room is a large walk in closet.

vintage window pane, toile fabric, reinder

The dressing room is approximately 10x11, and it's large enough for me to have a large vintage dressing table, and a sitting area with two wicker chairs and vintage bookcase.

wicker table, pink ornaments

I couldn't snatch this wicker table up fast enough, the pink ornaments were found about two months ago, two big bags of vintage pink ornaments. I'm decorating my dressing room girly girly and in pink.

wicker table, wooden tool box

Sorry about photo quality.. Just found the wooden tool box with greens and poinsettia table runner Wednesday at GW.

It was fun to share just a little bit of our master bedroom and my dressing room.

Always fun to share with you!


Large Batch Cocktails

Serving mixed drinks at a party can be a tricky business.  You could have someone serve drinks, or you could leave a bunch of mixers and liquor out.  A great solution is to offer large batch cocktails (mixed drinks) that you make before the party and you won't have to worry about!


Margaritas By The Batch

It's easy to remember the proportions for a perfect margarita: one, two, three
That's one part fresh lime juice, to two parts dry orange liqueur (Cointreau, Triple Sec,or Curacao) to three parts tequila

I like to use white Tequila, it has a distinctive peppery flavor, to me, is the liquor of choice for a great Margarita, though if you have gold, will be consumed with a little less gusto, which could be a good thing :-)


If you're going to offer a home cocktail, these pink martini-like drinks are popular. If you want a professional touch keep glasses in the freezer, no room in freezer, put a cooler outside and fill with the glasses


If you want you guests to liven up  a tad this is the drink to serve them!

Warm Cranberry Zinfandel
A great drink to serve and during the winter holidays.   The wine is warmed using a slow cooker and remember, that hot wine is a dash more potent than when it is served at room temperature.

Warm-Cranberry Wine

Nonalcoholic Party Punch

If your guests have a tendency to fly high all by themselves then you might want to serve a flavorful nonalcoholic drink. They might not even notice there's no alcohol since the flavors are sophisticated and refreshing!



Sophisticated Deviled Eggs

Pesto Deviled Eggs

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vintage soup tureen, red tea cups

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Sun-Dried Tomato and Pesto Crostini

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Everyday or Holiday Chicken Recipe

Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce

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Women’s Christmas Retreat

Palos Center House

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