Our Fall Mantel

I feel I need to warn you guys...why?  Cause there's a whole lot of  fallishness coming your way the next week.  The photos are taken and posts have been written to share how cute the Charmer looks dressed up in fall.

I always like to do my mantel first...well that's not exactly true...I have to do the mantel first!  The buffet sits right across the room and has a big mirror above it.  Remember the movie The Mirror Has Two Faces?  DeNiro is famous for the line "Are You Talkin to Me"?   When I look at the mirror I always feel like it's saying "Are you lookin at Me"?.

Ok, I don't know where that all came from...but the point was I can't share buffet photos till the mantel is looking good!

Our Fall Mantel

This last summer I've been lucky in scoring so many great vintage windows.  I used some in the kitchen and on the deck and last week I inherited some more beautiful vintage windows.  Our neighbor down the street was replacing all their windows in their house, including some gorgeous windows from their porch.

Vintage Window

Even though it's laying on its side you can see how pretty she is!  I got seven of these babies!  Mr. C thinks the Charmer is becoming the vintage window ware house :-}.  I used this as the basis for the  mantel vignette.

Fall Mantel

I feel I'm being redundant...cause by now you should know how I roll!  I am a thrifting diva...these are all my treasures.  Again everything, except the pumpkins, are thrifting finds and the window was a freebie!

The gorgeous wreath was a GW find for $1.99.  Luvin it!

I placed two vintage crocks at each end of the mantel...and filled with dried hydrangeas I found took in front of my acupuncture's office.  I don't think she even knew about it!  The landscapers cut them down every fall so I figure I gave them less work to do! Wasn't that nice of me.

vintage plates, bottles

Added the plates..

Vintage Fall Plates

I've had the pheasant plate for a few years and never used.  Just found the owl, and I have to admit I haven't found hardly any owls thrifting.  I luve those eyes!  The top vintage plate is orange flowers and it's color made it perfect to include.

vintage crock, dishes and pumpins

The bottle is one of  many scored at the "barn" sale.  The dishes in front were just found at GW.

In the center of the vignette are three cute...

Vintage Squirrels

squirrels from the "barn" sale.  Now these are the only squirrels I want to see around the charmer.  Their cute, already have their nuts, and won't be digging on the mantel.  The only kind of squirrels I like.

mantel vignette

Down at the other end are a few more dishes...

Vintage Plate

and a very old rooster who doesn't look very happy!

Vintage Plate and Rooster

Actually he looks pretty darn mad!

I decided to use another vintage window in front of the fireplace..

Vintage window, pumpkins

The chair was a find for only $44 and the felted pumpkin pillow $3.00.  It's such a cozy area to sit and read in front of the fireplace.

Question, if a rooster laid an egg on a barn roof. Which way would it roll?


How to Make Inexpensive No Sew Fall Curtains

I've seen so many beautiful fall curtains lately that it really got me wanting to make some for our living area.  I love my pinch pleated curtains but they are summery looking.  I wish we could hang our curtains outside the windows...

decorative-panelsb Source

But we can't.  Our windows have large "columns & heating vents underneath" (sorry old photo) not allowing us to hang curtains like this.  Who would want to hide the beautiful window woodwork!

Window with Column & heating ducts

To make simple, inside mount, curtains for all seven windows I needed a minimum of 14 yards of material.  Even though I found fabric on sale for $9 a yard...making the curtains would still run around $140.  This is just too much money for a fall look from September to the end of November.

I kept hoping for some inspiration to hit me, a cozy cottage frugal kind of idea falling under $50. I didn't want to do the "drop cloth" route since that's what I use during winter.  My inspiration came when I stumbled on two rolls of Lowe's Landscape Burlap (Tip: this is what I use to line my outdoor planter containers) in the corner of my craft room.

Burlap Landscape

My spring/summer curtains hang from curtain clips.


Even though these aren't my curtains, they are similar and hung from clips.

The burlap landscape come on a roll's measuring 3' x 30' for $9.99. I needed only 1 roll, so it's way below my $50 budget! My inside windows measures 29" each, so it's not as full as I'd like but it will do for an inexpensive and easy no sew fall curtains.

I cut the burlap to the length I wanted..folded over about 2" on the top and clipped to the curtains clips. Each curtain took me about 10 minutes.


You can't get any easier than this...

Burlap Landscape Curtains

They add a rustic feel to the window...and certainly nothing fancy.  The curtains are easy to pull to one side letting in more light.  But $10 for 7 windows I think they look great.

Burlap Landscape Curtains

The curtains don't add any "weather" protection but they'll be changed out once the weather starts getting really cold.

What do ya think?


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