Late August Garden Flowers

Today it finally cooled off!  It wasn't temperature hot but very, very, very humid outside which just depletes me!

After sitting awhile in my secret garden sitting area I decided to walk around and take photos of our late August garden flowers


I came inside to grab my camera and headed out the front door.

Zinnias in a flower pot on our front porch. She's already had her luscious blooms and is heading into her seeding phase.  I'll have plenty of seeds to gather in Fall.

The next few photos are in my front yard...

Double Impatients

Double Inpatients in a container


Cottage Phlox

White and Pink Pentas

Pink and White Pentas in front of a Japanese Maple

Endless Summer Hydrangea

Endless Summer Hydrangea.  I don't know what' up this summer...but these are the first blooms I've had on the Hydrangea and none on 3 in the backyard.

I am not a big fan of Endless Summer and think I'll pull them out next summer.

Dahlia Bloom

We're in the sun garden room now....a gorgeous Dahlia bloom behind a birdbath

Helianthus, Sunflower, Phlox

The yellow is a Helianthus (perennial sunflower) and the deeper yellow is a Black Eyed Susan and then pink Phlox

Porcelain Berry Vine

The Porcelain Berry Vine (grape family) is in berry phase. The berry colors are spectacular and the birds LOVE them.

Heirloom Balsam

Heirloom Balsam (Inpatient)

Pink Phlox

Pink Phlox

Japanesse Maple

A Japanese Maple starting to turn to it's fall color


We are in the secret garden area....Chelome, a great fall shade perennial


Closeup of Chelome flower

Dahlia Bloom

Dahlia Bloom

Shasta Daisy Bloom

A remaining Shasta Daisy bloom


Cosmos annual

Pink Zinnia

Pink Zinnia and beautiful seed heads set on the left




Common Inpatients

I hope you enjoyed this late August Garden Flower's.

It's hard to think in a few months this will all be done!


Out junkin

You know me. . . . I love to go out junkin, a lot!

I didn't want you to think I haven't been out junkin, I have, I just haven't posted my finds.

Today I'm sharing a few finds with you...I've been to some of the best garage/barn sale e.ver this summer.

Vintage white cabinets, table

All three pieces were found at a Barn sale in Sandwich, Il.  The first cabinet is wood and needs a coat of paint.  The second cabinet is metal and is now living in my utility room.

The table in front is now our living area table. All three pieces were less and $55.

Vintage Bottles

The vintage bottles were also found at the barn sale.  Not giving the prices since I'm opening an on-line shop.

Vintage Guilt

I thought I was going to a garage sale, as it turns out, it was an estate sale. It was the best garage sale I've ever been to.

Nothing was marked and you had to ask the price of  everything.  I spotted a few quilts in individual vinyl bags, turned to the "pricing" lady, asked the cost, she said $2.00 each!

Vintage Quilt

I stood for a second, turned around, and picked up all four quilts.

This quilt in in very good shape and they told me the quilts were made by their Mom and Auntie.

The quilts were all done in the same pattern with different fabrics.

Vintage Quilt

This one's also in good shape and only the backing is ripped.

The third one has a lot of wear and tear...

Vintage Quilt

I don't think there's a way to salvage the whole quilt because the center is worn/torn.

Vintage Quilt

The sides/bottomm of the quilt are in good shape and they'll be used to make cozy mug rugs and a table runner.

Are the remaining quilt sections thrown out?

I feel honored to have the quilts and told the sellers I would take very good care of them.

Vintage enamel bowls

Several shaped enamel bowls.

Vintage enamel bowls

Vintage luggage piece, cleaned up and sitting in our master bedroom adding much needed storage space.

Vintage Typewriter

vintage typewriter, since I'm not selling it, cost $10 with cover. I'm trying to figure out how to removed it from the "stand" it sits in?

Vintage Paper Cutter

Vintage paper cutter.

Didn't want to make this post too long, so much more to share.

What great finds have you found out junkin?

Savvy Southern Style


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