Monday Meanderings

Good morning all.

Ever since our garage sale robbery last weekend I've felt uneasy.  Now the front porch light stays on all night...every time I hear a noise I'm nervous.  It's a shame when you get robbed because where you once felt safe changes.  I try to look a it as a life lesson to aware, always aware.

Mr. C has been working all week painting our outside windows white.  The Charmer has very little wall space but we sure do have a lot of windows.  I'll share more on this next week. I've been switching between a few projects,  getting deck ready for a reveal, canning and quilting.

I'm attending a baby shower on Sunday and have been working on a quilt.  Now I haven't quilted in over 25 years and blame Debra, Frugal Little Bungalow for re-inspiring me!  Now I know I will NEVER be as good a quilter as she...but I'm back at it again.

Last month I attended the best barn sale I've ever been too.  So many finds I've already shared but I haven't  mentioned I found bags of unfinished quilts...7 to be exact. All in different stages of being finish, some with just pieces cut out while others have a great deal of finished sections.  Two of the bags had pieces for baby quilts so it worked out perfectly since I'd be attended the shower.

baby quilting

Some of the pieces in the baby quilt bag.  I certainly did not like the dark maroon color and ripped this all apart.  I started re-working sections and adding outside sections..

Baby Quilt

It's hard to see, but the top and bottom rows are blue, second row merlot and brown and the appliqued animals in the middle.  I'm doubting my fabric choices and everything in between. So hope she likes it and she is having a boy.

Not only do I love the Charmer but I also love where's she located we are in the old part of town  so everything is close.  I can walk to the store, library, bank, hairdressers, Marshall's and to the church I attend.  Yesterday I walked to church which is only 6 block away.


and it was a beautiful day.  On the way home I stopped to collect acorns and leaves from several Maple trees.

Fall Acorns and Leaves

I'll be sorting out the squirrel eaten ones and used the rest in a vignette.

I better get back to working on the baby quilt and hope all of you a happy day.


Harriet Hoosier On Our Deck

Before our kitchen was remodeled Harriet Hoosier was a vital piece. She provided a great deal of storage in our dysfunctional layout. To be honest it always pains me to share this photo...cause it's really u.g.l.y!

Prepare yourself for ugliness...

Ugly Kitchen

OK, take a few minutes to compose yourselves...I know it was quite a shock!  If you want to see the kitchen remodel click here, and here.  Harriet is on the left, you might not be able to see, but there is not a lot of cabinet space.

Harriet held all my pots and pans, dishes, potato and onion bins, silverware tray and many, many dishes. She was the work horse of our our kitchen.

Have you ever done a remodel and after it was all done found you would do things, differently?  Well I do, I would of chosen "white" cabinets and Harriet would have been part of  the remodel.  But looking back really doesn't change anything.

Since the remodel Harriet rested quietly in our basement dungeon. The dungeon is only 6'6" tall so Harriet couldn't stand upright. There she sat, unused, and quite lonely. How useless she must of felt.

Our large back deck was covered this spring. We used metal barn roofing and I love it. See the deck remodel here.  The deck has been done since May but I've never found the time to "stage" it to share.  I found the suummer fabric for the cushions but never found the time to sew them.

Since summer is over, the fabric i tucked away till next year, I've decided to concentrate on a Fall reveal.  Even though the deck is not ready yet....I do want to share with you a renewed Harriet Hoosier cabinet and where she resides...

Hoosier Cabinet

on our deck. She received a bright new coat of paint and her cabinets and drawers were filled once again with dishes and glasses.  All the items needed to entertain ourselves and guests.

The deck was stained gray and looks really nice against the yellow on the house.

Hoosier Cabinet

Everyone tells me she's a bit tall for a Hoosier cabinet.

 Somewhere down in the dungeon is her flour stack which I'll have to took for.

Hoosier Cabinet

The enamel counter top pulls out to a whopping 28" which provides a great area to serve beverage/food on.

Her enamel counter top pulls out to a whopping 28". It's a great place to serve beverage and food on.

 I found a blue flannel sheet at a thrift store and will be using for the chair covers.  I love the fall look of blue and orange together.

Hoosier Cabinet

She conveniently sit right outside our kitchen door which makes for easy entertaining.

Hoosier Cabinet

Every time I go out on the deck she stands tall and proud, once again, because she is feeling useful.

Do you have a piece of furniture that not being used?

Savvy Southern Sytle


Monday Meanderings & Our Robbery

Garage Sale Book Area

Whew, we'd forgotten how much work is involved in having a garage sale. For the last two weeks we worked on pulling the sale together.  Closets, dungeon, garage, kitchen nook crawlspace and every nook and cranny were cleaned out.  Books, clothes, linens and dishes were all throw in a HUGE pile waiting to be hauled […]

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Sweet Potato Vine Frittata

Sweet Potato Vine Frittata

Yesterday evening I was out in the garden taking "clippings" from a "Marguerite" sweet potato vine for propagating next year's plants. While snipping the cuttings I tugged a little to hard and out popped a small tuber.  I checked out my other garden containers with sweet potato vines and found a few more. Ornamental sweet […]

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An Ode To Grandma’s Apron

Vintage Apron

I have always been drawn to vintage aprons....there's a sense of connection to the woman who wore them. I thought of my Grandma's who wore them, how they looked, and how strange it was when they didn't have one on? I scored over 15 vintage aprons at the barn sale I keep mentioning ...and I […]

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Monday Meanderings

Vintage Rose Dishes

I hope you enjoy Monday Meanderings with its laid back, casual and wandering topics. Last Friday was Mr. C's and I anniversary, 16 years we've been together.  We had planned to go to dinner Friday night but, we were both so tired working on the garage sale, we just ordered in.  On Saturday we celebrated […]

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Fall Fabric Wreath

Fall Fabric Wreath

Even though I haven't started any fall decorating I've been working on some fall projects.  I wanted to create a fall wreath that has a "vintage" natural feel. It turned out to be a very quick project and completed in under 45 minutes.... but the time to pull/set up your sewing machine isn't included.  Only […]

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Broiled Grouper with Basil Lime Pistou

Grilled Grouper with Basil-Lime Pistou

With all the work we've been doing in the garage cleanup (sale now next weekend) I really wanted dinner to be quick and good. Mr. C would eat pork every day if he could, me not so much.  I picked up some grouper yesterday and  made myself Broiled Grouper with Basil Lime Pistou! Sounds fancy […]

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Monday Meanderings

Full Moon

Hope you all had a great weekend and are easing yourself into the new week. It was absolutely beautiful weather in IL and Mr. C and I took on the task of cleaning out our garage.  I'm having a garage sale this weekend and it would be a good idea if everyone could walk inside!  […]

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Sunday’s Best #65 Party

Happy September...are you ready for Fall? The weather here as been very Fall like here and I am so enjoying it! But it's sad to think that in just a few months I won't be able to sit and enjoy my pond :-{ Welcome To Sunday's Best #65 Par.tay! I  enjoy seeing what you've been […]

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