Milk Glass Collection

Milk glass started appealing to me a few years back... and seems to be growing lately.  I love it...but do I really need another obsession?  Last summer is when it really "got" a hold of me .  I was at vintage yard sale and she had several pieces that I haven't run across while thrifting.  While I'm thinking about it I guess milk glass falls under the category of "dishes" right. This explain all might all know how much I love dishes.

Milk glass is a popular type of glass collector’s item made into dishes and cups, vases and figurines and anything in between. [Continue reading...]


For The Birds Spring Mantel

Yesterday and today the suns been out and melting the 5" of snow that was dumped on us Sunday.  It's the perfect time to decorate for Spring and Easter. Since I can't work in the garden yet I was able decorate the buffet, mantel and and complete two other projects!  It's not often I'm ahead... so I'm sharing for the Birds Spring Mantel!

The idea to decorate the mantel with birds sprung when I found a really cool branch outside walking. Just before finding the branch I scored two boxes of birds at GW....a perfect match. It was fun decorating the mantel, and not like any I've done before... [Continue reading...]


Master Gardening Seed Starting


Depending on what area you live it can be time to start your is for me.  So I thought it's a good time to do this master gardening post on Seed Starting. I have found, through years of practice, that people garden in order to make something grow; to interact with nature; to share, […]

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A Frugal Craft and A Spring Foyer

Spring Flower Pot

It's exciting that Spring is officially here..if only the weather would be too! Last week's weather was a teaser, some beautiful days and of course today is dreary and cold and snow is predicted for tomorrow. But the hope of spring's eternal inspired me to make a frugal craft and decorate our Spring foyer. This […]

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Quick Chinese Chicken Corn Soup

Chinese Chicken Corn Soup

If you don't know already I love soup...of any kind...especially during the cooler weather.  Just about every day we have one kind of soup or another and today we had Chinese Chicken Corn Soup. Follow

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Our Master Bedroom Reveal

vintage luggage

Our master bedroom remodel took over 3 years to complete and about that long to finally share our master bedroom reveal today.....seriously this was the toughest task we took on in so many different ways. Last August I shared a Sneak Peak intending to do a reveal right after.  But I had to go back […]

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Spring Vignettes

vintage tea cup and creamer, birds nest

 It was a beautiful day yesterday, nearly 70° and sunny.  I enjoyed working out in our front gardens the whole day and it felt great.  Mr. C was busy putting together my greenhouse, and finished this morning.  Even though it cooled down quite a bit today, it was still a beautiful  sunny day.  I've been […]

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Master Gardening: When Can I Plant Annuals


Spring is in the air and I spent the entire day outside in our front yard gardens.  12 large garden bags were filled with leaves, container remnants and grass clippings.  While I was working in the beds I was thinking about a question I'm often asked - When Can I Plant Annuals. Follow

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Master Gardening – When To Prune Lilacs

Lilac Bush

With Spring finally peeping her head out I thought it was a good idea to bring back the post on the When To Prune Lilacs.   Click here to see How to Prune Shrubs Lilacs are soon to be in bloom and their unmistakeable fragrance will fill the air! Follow

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Out Junkin Vintage Shop Hop

Blumen Gardens, Sycamore, IL

The Thursday before last I found out that Illinois and Wisconsin was having a Vintage Shop Hop.  Over 240 shops were participating.  The weather forecast was for sunny and a tad warmer weather, high 40 and low 50's. After a bitter cold hard winter this seemed like a heat wave. Dare I ask, should I […]

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