Talking To The Butterflies

Welcome, welcome!  Every morning, with a cup of tea in hand, I walk my gardens. Each day can bring so many delightful surprises of new blooms with glorious color and thriving plants.  This summer it seems there is a lot  more wildlife activity going on.  So many more bees and butterfly activity!  The Zinnias seem to be their favorite meal!… Read More

Tea In The Garden

Welcome, welcome!  With the multiple projects going on this summer there’s been little time to enjoy my gardens.  But, now they’re under control, tea in the garden was something my soul beckoned for.  There are many garden sitting and dinning areas out in the gardens.  This one is my favorite…. It’s not as nestled as I’d like, a work in… Read More

Queen Anne Lace

Queen Anne lace, also called “Wild Carrot” is a common plant found in dry fields, ditches, and open areas.  It was introduced from Europe, and the carrots that we eat today were once cultivated from this plant.

A Charming Reveal….

Hello charming friends!  Last week the extensive exterior repairs were shared with you.   Today I’m sharing the charming reveal!  I have to admit I am pretty nervous about it.  SO  many told me how much they loved the yellow and that lent me doubting the choice I’ve made.   I mean I seriously doubted it!  I was near to being panicked,… Read More

Cottage Summer Living Area

Hello!  It’s so great to have the bulk of the major projects over and in control.  I’ve been shifting between working on Minnie and my craft room. As I was cleaning up I realized our cottage summer living area hasn’t been shared yet. Have you noticed all across blogland, and in stores, Fall decor is everywhere. I love Fall, but… Read More

A Charming New Look – Exterior Repairs

Welcome charming friends!  It’s been over a month since the exterior re-staining of the house has been done.  It was a very long and hard project to do.  One, I hope never to do again!  But I am so glad we did because I absolutely love it! The Charmer before…

Minnie Driv’er And The Money Pit

Shorty before I bought the Charmer in 1987 the movie The Money Pit with Tom Hanks and Shelly Long came out.  Watching the movie I easily related to it because that’s exactly how I felt!  Everything was like opening a can of worms and ended up being a money pit! Our Minnie Driv’er is turning out to be the same!


August She lived where the mountains go down to the sea, And river and tide confer, Golden Rowan of Menolowan, Was the name they gave to her. She had the soul no circumstance Can hurry or defer, Golden Rowan of Menolowan How time stood still for her! Her playmates for their lovers grew, But that shy wanderer, Golden Rowan of… Read More

Dressing Room And A Traveling Bed

Welcome, welcome!  When  Mr. C kicked me out asked me to use the other bedroom for my craft room I was Ok with it.  My mind envisioned how it would look including colors and other decorating ideas. It would be perfect as a guest/craft room space.  But one thing happened, my vision was way off and eventually led to a… Read More

Out Junkin #34

Welcome, welcome charming friends!  It been awhile (May) since I’ve posted my out junkin finds….to be honest I’ve hardly had any time to go thrifting.  It’s been rather hard not to go and unfortuantely I found another avenue and it’s called the web! What I am showing you today are finds found before we started painting the house, re-going a… Read More

Just Turn Around…

Welcome Charmer friends.  There are times when all we need to do is turn around… The other day, while standing in my kitchen, looking out the window I started noticing all the activity going on in the sun garden.  It was early in the morning, dew was on the ground, and wildlife was all aflutter. I noticed two hummingbirds fluttering around the… Read More

No Sew Cottage Style Lampshades

Welcome Charmer friends!  Summer has been jam packed with projects!  The largest one, giving the Charmer a new look, is completely done, but it’s been so hot I have’t taken pictures :-{.  There’s still two more projects going on, the craft room and the shasta trailer.  It feels like being on carousel in some ways and I promise, right here… Read More

MG Series: Powdery Mildew

Hello Charmer friends……it is hot, hot, hot and humid the last few weeks.  As I walked my garden early this morning, before the bustle of the world invaded my ears, and the heat threw me inside, I gazed over my garden children to see how everyone’s looking and feeling. As I walked through her I notice Powdery mildew, a good… Read More